Disability Services Problem/Complaint Procedure


The Office of Disability Services seeks to ensure access to the educational environment, opportunities and activities for students with disabilities at NDSU. It is important to DS staff to provide this access with fairness, compassion and integrity. In certain circumstances, individuals may disagree with decisions regarding the eligibility for services, the appropriateness of the accommodation(s) or the quality of services received.

Students are encouraged to use the following steps to resolve the complaint.

Please complete the Disability Services Problem/Complaint form  to summarize your complaint information. The information you provide on the form is critical in reaching the best possible outcome.


  1. The student is encouraged to directly communicate the problem/complaint with his/her case manager at the Disability Service Office, lower level of the Main Library, Room 17, (701) 231-8463.
  2. If the problem/complaint is not resolved in step 1, the student will schedule a meeting with the Disability Services Director, lower level of the Main Library, Room 17, (701) 231-8463. 
  3. If the complaint continues to be unresolved, the student will complete the complaint online form.


**Please note that not all complaints may be resolved in exactly the manner you prefer, but University personnel will work with you to seek the best possible outcome.

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