Student Eligibility Process

Students are responsible for self-disclosing relevant disability-related information to qualify for reasonable accommodations based on disability.  The Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources is designated as the office at NDSU where students submit this documentation for consideration to qualify for accommodations that provide equal access to the learning environment.

Here are the steps involved in opening a file with the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources:1)   Complete an application for services here - Application for Academic Accommodations

2)   Submit documentation identifying current limitations that impair functioning in the
      academic environment; including those that are intermittent or re-occurring and
      may interfere with access

3)   Schedule an appointment with a Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources staff member by calling: (701) 231-8463.

It’s advisable to submit documentation prior to the semester for which accommodations are needed to allow adequate time for processing.  The length of time it takes qualifying professionals (medical providers, counselors, etc.) to respond to requests for information or records can be highly variable.  Documentation from the qualifying professional and the student’s description of how they’re impacted by a condition are important resources used when making a disability eligibility decision.  Accommodation requests should be made prior to the time they’re needed as they are not retroactive.

Temporary medical conditions often don’t qualify as disabilities under federal law. NDSU does, however, have a process in place for students seeking assistance for a temporary medical condition that does not meet the definition of a disability. To learn more about this process, please follow the link: Temporary Medical Conditions Courtesy Service.


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