The Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources Rights and Responsibilities


The Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources has a right to:

  • Uphold the academic standard/integrity of courses and programs offered.
  • Expect/receive notification from the student, verifying the presence of a disability and the need for a reasonable accommodation(s).
  • Request/receive appropriate documentation that identifies the condition(s) being considered for disability eligibility, and relevant functional limitations impacting one or more major life activities (page 3 of this handbook)
  • Receive accommodation requests in advance of the need for each semester for which accommodations are needed.
  • Timely notifications from the student regarding concerns or questions about accommodations or implementation of accommodations to allow the university to respond in a timely manner.


The Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources​​​​​​​ has a responsibility to:

  • Facilitate equal access to academic programming and related services for students with documented disabilities, partnering with relevant personnel to ensure effective implementation.
  • Engage in an interactive process with the student and appropriate stake holders to determine reasonable accommodations.
  • Address accommodation requests from eligible students with disabilities in a timely manner, avoiding delays that may disadvantage the student.
  • Develop and communicate a clear plan of approved accommodations, generating written verification of accommodations for specifically identified courses, field experiences, or academic requirements.
  • Respond to concerns from students, instructors and other stake holders to resolve barriers to implementing reasonable accommodations.
  • Participate in professional development to stay current on trends, relevant legal issues/rulings and to communicate awareness of evolving issues impacting students and postsecondary institutions in the disability field.
  • Communicate with the ADA Coordinator/Equity Office regarding policies impacting students with disabilities to ensure ongoing consistency with federal/state laws and regulations.
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