Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have a right to:

  • Equal access to NDSU programs, services and facilities.
  • Access reasonable accommodations to reduce/remove a disability-related barrier by opening a file and submitting requests to Disability Services.
  • Confidentiality of documentation submitted to the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources.
    (Note: Documentation is not released to others on campus; however, personnel involved in implementation of an accommodation/service may have limited information about the disability to effectively provide the service).
  • Appeal decisions related to an accommodation if they feel their request has not been adequately addressed.
  • The same respect afforded to their peers and freedom from retaliation when requesting/accessing approved accommodations or engaging in a protected activity.
  • Information and advisement, fostering self-advocacy whenever appropriate/possible.

Students have a responsibility to:

  • Self-disclose the presence of a disability to be eligible for accommodations through Disability Services.
  • Participate in an intake appointment with CADR staff after submitting an application for services and documentation from a qualifying professional, identifying the diagnosed condition(s) and related functional limitations.
  • Request accommodations in advance of the need each semester; accommodations are not retroactive and some require more advance notice than others to process (example: alternate text for textbooks often require more lead time than other accommodations).
  • Follow procedures for requesting and accessing specific accommodations.
  • Meet the same essential standards as students without disabilities in their academic program and courses; essential standards include academic, behavioral, performance and technical standards.
  • Report any challenges related to approved accommodation(s) to CADR as soon as is reasonably possible to address the challenge and avoid delays in accessing the accommodation(s).


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