Classroom/Building/Residence Hall Access

Students with disabilities seeking information about physical access to classrooms and/or buildings on campus are invited to contact the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources (CADR).  Students will open a file at CADR and are assigned a staff member who responds to access issues/needs reported by the student to resolve them.  For example, a student needing an adjustable- height table in a lecture hall would inform CADR of the need and staff would then notify the appropriate department on campus to ensure a suitable table is added to the designated room.

Students applying for housing on campus are encouraged to review room layouts on the Residence Life website,, and contact the Residence Life office with questions about physical living spaces to identify possible access issues or disability-related barriers. 

Requests for specific room formations based on a condition that may qualify as a disability are then submitted to CADR by the student with supporting documentation for initial review and processing.  CADR will provide a summary of considerations to Residence Life so an appropriate room assignment or arrangement can be made.

While students work with the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources to resolve disability-related access barriers specific to the limitations of their disability, they can also contact Facilities Management directly to report immediate concerns, such as an inoperable electronic door button or elevator issue.

Access to Grounds/Priority Snow Removal

Access to campus grounds is essential for all students.  One way NDSU works to ensure access to pathways on campus is through the priority snow removal process.  Students whose access may be affected by inclement weather, such as heavy snow or icy conditions are invited to share information about their typical travel routes on campus.  A map of combined routes is provided to the Facilities Management department to make these areas a top priority for clearing when harsh weather hits the campus community.  As is true with facility access, students are invited to report immediate concerns to CADR or to Facilities Management, directly, to seek a resolution to barriers related to campus grounds.

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