Making Accommodation Requests


Students are encouraged to open a file with the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources prior to the semester for which accommodations are needed. Opening a file is typically necessary to request/receive reasonable accommodations. Residence life requests can be submitted after a student is admitted to the university. These requests can take more time to process; therefore, incoming students are advised to submit their requested accommodation to the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources at the time they submit their housing application to Residence Life to allow time for processing. More detailed information can be found here - Application for Residence Life Accommodations.

About Academic Accommodations


While students are encouraged to visit with their instructors about accommodation needs in the classroom, instructors are not required to permit or implement accommodations based on disability if the accommodation has not yet been approved through the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources. Accommodations are not retroactive, making it important to complete the eligibility process before specific requests are considered. For students whose limitations or symptoms fluctuate or go into remission, it’s advisable to open a file even if accommodation needs are not an immediate concern since waiting until symptoms surface may increase the chances a student will be without accommodations when they’re needed.

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