Onboarding for Graduate Assistants

Completing Your Online Onboarding

As a graduate assistant at NDSU, you’re considered an employee of the university in addition to your status as a graduate student. Before we can process your employment, you’ll need to enter some required payroll and tax information online, through an Activity Guide in our system, called Oracle/PeopleSoft HRMS. 

If you’re a new employee, you’ll receive an email with instructions that you must follow regarding this online Activity Guide before your first day of work.

You can access the Activity Guide Manual to assist you with the online onboarding process.

If you fail to follow the instructions in the emails, you may experience a delay in receiving access to email, Blackboard, compensation, and other services.

Payroll Process for Your Assistantship

As a new graduate assistant, you are required to complete the mandatory Form I-9. Due to time sensitivity in the hiring process, this form should be completed as soon as you arrive on campus. You will not be allowed to begin working until the form is completed.  

The original form must be submitted to the Human Resources and Payroll office at 1919 N. University Drive, Suite H102. 

In addition, you must have original documentation that establishes your identity and employment authorization. A complete list of acceptable documents is available on the last page of the Form I-9 or from the Human Resources and Payroll office. 

We recommend that, when you submit your original Form I-9 to the Human Resources and Payroll office, you also bring your forms of identification with you, so that we can complete the appropriate section of the form. Photocopies or scanned copies are not acceptable. 

For new employees who will be working at one of our off-campus locations, your Form I-9 will be handled locally. Please contact the Human Resources and Payroll office for instructions to complete this process. 

Once you have completed the Form I-9 and your documentation has been examined, you will be given an Approval Sheet from the Human Resources and Payroll office. You will need to take the Approval Sheet to the department that hired you. Your hiring process will not be initiated until your hiring department receives your Approval Sheet, nor will you be able to start working.  

In addition, you must complete the Employment Information Form. Please submit the form to your hiring department at the time you provide them with the Approval Sheet.  

If you have questions regarding the forms referenced above, please contact your hiring department.