Preparing for Graduation

Helping You Get Ready to Graduate

The Graduate School is the central office for ensuring that all your degree requirements are met, so that you complete your degree on schedule. As you move through your degree program, it’s important to know the requirements for successful progress. 

This section includes a timeline for completing your graduate degree, as well as explanations, due dates, and links to forms that must be submitted to the Graduate School.

See the current Graduate School Bulletin for further information and policies.

Non-Thesis Master’s Students

To complete your master's degree, you must have the following on file with the Graduate School:

Summer and Fall 2019 Deadlines

July 5: Graduate Degree Application Due

September 20: Graduate Degree Application Due

Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctoral Students

To complete your degree, you must take the following steps.

Step One
Step Two

Prior to the initial submission of your disquisition to the Graduate School:

Step Three

Submit your disquisition electronically to the Graduate School to begin the formal review process.

Summer 2019 Deadlines

July 5: Initial Submission Deadline
August 2: Final Disquisition Deadline

Fall 2019 Deadlines

November 15: Initial Submission Deadline
December 20: Final Disquisition Deadline

Future Deadlines

Degrees are posted three times per academic year: December, May, and August.

The deadline for the initial submission of disquisitions to the Graduate School is approximately one month prior to each semester's commencement. For your degree to post in a semester, your review process must be completed and final revisions submitted by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the semester.

Additional Resources

If you’re completing a thesis, dissertation, or paper, understand the requirements, documents, and submission process in greater detail. For a complete repository of all required forms, visit Forms for Graduation.

If you still have questions about preparing for graduation, check our Graduation FAQs.