Frequently Asked Questions for Transfer Applicants

Get answers to some of the most common questions we receive from students applying to transfer to NDSU.

How do I find out which credits will transfer to NDSU?

In general, NDSU will accept the transfer of college-level coursework earned from regionally accredited colleges or universities. Courses earned through non-accredited institutions or those that are remedial by definition of the transferring institution or equivalent to a remedial course at NDSU, will not be accepted in transfer. Remedial coursework may satisfy pre-requisite requirements. More detailed information regarding transfer credits can be found at: 

What if my school is not listed in the course equivalency list?

If your school or course is not listed in the transfer course equivalencies, it does not mean that we do not accept the credits. The current database only shows colleges that we have completed a formal evaluation of college credit for. NDSU will accept credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities.

When should I apply to transfer to NDSU?

NDSU accepts applications for the fall, spring, and summer terms. Transfer students are encouraged to apply for admission at least 1-2 semesters prior to their intended start date. While there is no official application deadline, starting the process early will assist with a smooth transition.

Are transfer students required to live on campus?

It depends. Living on campus is optional for students transferring at least one calendar year from the date of high school graduation. More information about on-campus housing options for transfer students can be found at  

Does NDSU offer online degrees and online classes?

Yes, NDSU offers a number of distance-based and online degrees and classes. To view program options and more details on NDSU’s online programs and classes, visit

Are there scholarships available for new transfer students?

Yes, NDSU offers a number of scholarships for new, first-time transfer students. Click here to view more details on transfer student scholarship opportunities and to access our Transfer Student Scholarship Application.