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Animal Science

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Beef Cattle
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Jessica Rose

The animal science major encompasses the physiology, nutrition, genetics, reproduction, marketing, and management of livestock and companion animals. Students become leaders and advocates for industries providing animals and animal products that benefit humans. 

Our student-centered program allows individuals the opportunity to tailor a degree to their interests with one of these major options:

  • The animal production, management, and husbandry option provides students with a broad background in animal-related industries.
  • The animal biomedical science option is a more scientific approach to animal science, preparing students for positions in research, teaching, or veterinary medicine.
  • The animal agribusiness option gives students a background in the business and economic principles of the livestock industry.
  • The livestock media option provides training in journalism, advertising, and public relations in addition to the fundamentals of animal science.
  • The meat science option emphasizes knowledge of muscle biology, and evaluation and processing of red meat.