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Poultry Science


NDSU participates in the Midwest Poultry Consortium Center of Excellence where students can earn 18 credits in 2 six-week summer sessions (2 summers) at the University of Minnesota. The 18 credits will transfer from U of M to NDSU and count toward an animal science degree. 

Midwest Poultry Consortium courses
Iowa State University
Course substitution
North Dakota State University
Poultry NutritionNDSU ANSC 324, Applied Animal Nutrition
Poultry Enterprise ManagementNDSU ANSC 48x, production course
Avian PhysiologyNDSU ANSC upper-level elective
Poultry Products TechnologyNDSU ANSC 340, Principles of Meat Science
Breeder Flock and Hatchery ManagementNDSU ANSC upper-level elective
Avian HealthNDSU ANSC 370, Animal Disease