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NDSU Meat Lab

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The NDSU Meat Lab is a fully functional butcher shop and retail store located in Shepperd Arena.

The NDSU Meat Lab is looking to Hire part time NDSU Students, as a NDSU Meat Lab Part-time student employee you can be a part of the entire Process starting with the  Humane slaughter process of all the NDSU Livestock for teaching or research, Food Safety handlining procedures while cutting and filling custom orders, how to breakdown Beef, Pork and Lamb, learning about the different processes while making specialty items including pulled pork or beef, dried beef, jerky’s, snack sticks, brats, sausages, helping out with retail sales, answering customers questions about Current items of hand or cooking techniques. 

If you’re interested in more information about becoming a NDSU part-time Student meat lab employee contact Jacob Arntzen or Jason Bahls at



Jason Bahls or Jacob Arntzen

1350 Albrecht Blvd
Fargo, ND, 58105