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Animal Nutrition & Physiology Center

ANPC building on NDSU Campus

The Animal Nutrition and Physiology Center, dedicated in 2001, is a state-of-the-art facility used for conducting animal physiology research primarily in the areas of growth, nutrition, and reproduction.

The ANPC consists of approximately 46,000 square feet capable of housing a variety of animals, from mice to cattle. Animal research at the facility takes place in individual pens or stanchions, flexible penning arrangements, farrowing crates and group pens. Six environmentally-controlled rooms are available in a small animal suite for research with rabbits, rodents, and poultry. Additionally, the facility contains a surgical unit with two surgery rooms and a post-operative room, classroom, benchtop laboratory, and a feed center to mix specialized feed rations.



The Animal Nutrition Physiology Center (ANPC) is housed and managed as part of the Department of Animal Sciences, which is under the NDSU Agricultural Experiment Station. Faculty members within the Department of Animal Sciences are given priority for use of ANPC. Before use of any space within ANPC by a faculty member of the Department of Animal Sciences, one must consult with the ANPC Manager and obtain approval via the usage form (below) denoted by signatures of the ANPC Chair (or designee) and ANPC Manager (or designee). The ANPC Chair and Manager will strive to ensure a timely response on a priority first-come-first-serve basis.

If there is outside interest for use of ANPC (i.e. other NDSU departments, not a faculty member of the Department of Animal Sciences) for research, teaching, or demonstration purposes, a written non-Animal Sciences usage form (see below) must be filled out. The outside faculty member must also have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU; see next paragraph).

Periodically (at least once annually), the ANPC Chair will call the ANPC Committee to meet. The ANPC Committee consists of a Chair, all former ANPC Chairs, as well as the ANPC Manager and the Animal Sciences Farm Manager. Ad hoc faculty and staff with particular expertise will be called to advise as needed. The Committee will draw up a MOU for outside PIs, and the ANPC Chair and Animal Sciences Department Head will sign in order for approval. While each MOU will differ due to scope of project, consistencies will include: 1) the outside PI will be responsible to ensure their animal care is consistent with IACUC specifications. IACUC violations may result in revocation of access privileges to the facility; 2) PI and all personnel that are involved in the research will have all NDSU required training approved; 3) ANPC personnel will have authorized access to any room; 4) PI will cover all cost of business, including their own supplies, as well as be responsible for any facility or equipment damage that may have occurred during their use; and 5) all MOUs will have an end date, normally one year from the start date. The Department of Animal Sciences reserves the right to renew MOUs at their discretion, and based on recommendation of the ANPC Use Committee and the Animal Sciences Department Head.



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