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Dairy Research and Teaching Center

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cows in a dairy barn
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Robert Brown, NDSU

The NDSU Animal Sciences Dairy Cattle Research & Teaching Center is a 120-cow Grade A dairy, and is located two miles north of the main campus along 19th Avenue North.


Registered and grade Holstein are the only breed found at the Research Unit with selective mating from popular sires. The herd is DHIA (Dairy Herd Improvement Association) tested, and has recorded monthly production for over 30 years. Milk is marketed to Cass Clay Creamery, Fargo.


The NDSU dairy herd began with grade Holsteins in 1893, three years after North Dakota Agricultural College (now NDSU) was established. Red Polled, Milking Shorthorns, and Jerseys were added later. Our first purebred Holstein was purchased in 1907, purebred Guernsey in 1915, and purebred Brown Swiss in 1957. 


Although it is a working dairy, the main goals of the facility are to conduct applied and basic research, to teach career-minded students current dairy technologies, and to demonstrate new concepts to the region's dairy producers.


Todd Molden
(701) 361-3410

3136 19th Ave N
Fargo, ND, 58102