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The College of Science and Mathematics prepares NDSU graduates to be part of it all – working in this country and abroad in a wide spectrum of science and mathematics fields. Our graduates today serve in diversity of fields: top executives in chemical and biotechnology companies, physicists for NASA, physicians and health specialists, and exploration geologists at sites across the Americas. 


Welcome to College of Science and Mathematics!

The start of a new academic year is always an exciting and energizing time. My name is Kimberly Wallin and I serve the College of Science and Mathematics as Dean. I’m so excited to welcome you, and welcome you back, to North Dakota State University. Fall 2020 will be one of the dynamic and influential times of your life, filled with all kinds of new experiences. I am here to experience this year alongside you as I too am new to this incredible university. 

You are part of a class that is making history. A resilient class that has shown the world what it means to prevail and conquer life’s hard challenges. Do you know why? Because despite this pandemic, your resilience and care for those around you have allowed you to organize yourselves in a remarkable manner and follow your dreams despite these obstacles. The unfortunate recent events have only made you stronger, more motivated to become the great innovative critical thinkers and leaders of the common good that you are.

I’d like to share a few words about the heart of your upcoming experience—the intellectual adventure you are about to undertake and the personal growth you will experience.

The College of Science and Mathematics has an incredibly talented faculty and advisors that will be your guides, allies, mentors, and support system as you grow both personally and professionally.  Although, ultimately, the goal is for you to be your own best resource. We are here for you. Your faculty here are leaders in their fields and are applying their expertise through scholarship, research, and real-world practice to address both the most pressing challenges of the day and the enduring human questions. Ask questions. Get to know them. 

Get to know—really know—your fellow students. Make the effort to make real friends with students that have backgrounds different than you. Step outside of your comfort zone and find out about their lives, their ideas, what matters to them. Express your curiosity and your understanding of what it feels like to be in an unfamiliar place with people you don’t know.

I want you to know that the entire College of Science and Mathematics community is here to support, sustain, and encourage you as you commit to your study. We are happy and privileged to welcome you into this vibrant learning community. It is you who make us what we are, and we look forward to the fresh ideas and energy you bring to our campus.

You are the College of Science and Mathematics!

Kind regards,

Kimberly F. Wallin, Ph.D.
College of Science and Mathematics, Dean
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Honor's Day

As you are no doubt aware, in-person Honor's Day Celebration has been cancelled due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, I am excited to acknowledge the contributions each of you make to our vital and thriving College of Science and Mathematics.

My name is Kimberly Wallin. Starting March 9, 2020, I began a new chapter of my career by serving as your dean of the college of science and mathematics. Like you, I know what it feels like to push myself out of my comfort zone, to explore, to discover, and to achieve.

Many people want to place science and mathematics in tidy boxes of logic and thinking. That isn’t entirely correct. Your critical thinking is your art. In Latin, intelligence means ‘to choose between.’ Choosing to explore and discover and push your limits – you only know the limits of where you have moved from. Behind you are the old lines of your comfort zone. Ahead of you is uncertainty, and to live with uncertainty is the great art of living. Ahead of you are new adventures, new discoveries, and new lines of comfort you will cross!

I sincerely thank the generosity of our donors, who support your achievements and lead by example to explore, to discover, and push boundaries.

Congratulations on earning the awards and recognition of academic achievements and personal growth. You are the College of Science and Mathematics! 

Scholarship recipients

Congratulations Class of 2020

College Science and Mathematics Graduating Class of 2020!

Each of our graduating students have reached their goal—earning a college degree! Each blazed their own path to achieve this dream!  We are confident that you will accomplish great things in your career.

Here is a link to the NDSU Celebration page with the 2020 Commencement Program. We hope to see you at NDSU official commencement ceremony in December.

Once a Bison always a Bison.

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Hanna Karevold, graduate research assistant in the NDSU Department of Biological Sciences, along with Erin Gillam, associate professor of biological sciences, have been selected to receive a $14,850...

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Graduate and undergraduate researchers from the NDSU Department of Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences presented research at the 80th annual meeting of the North Central Branch of the American...

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Jill Hamilton, NDSU assistant professor of biological sciences, is participating in a new garden-based research network, funded by the National Science Foundation Plant Genome Research program.


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NDSU geology major Austin Karsky has received the 2020-2021 Al Golden Scholarship from the North Dakota Petroleum Foundation. The senior from Dickinson, North Dakota, received a $2,000 award. 


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NDSU has received a three-year, $5,792,117 grant from the Office of Naval Research to combat contaminants on ship hulls and ice on ship structures. 

“Infrastructure is constantly plagued by the...

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