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  • Upcoming CMS changes
    19 December 2007

    You may be interested in these updates in CMS that will occur soon. Text size selector As discussed at TYPO3 user group meetings, a text size selector will be added to the page template.  The...

  • Fixed "Border" content display
    28 June 2007

    Until now, the "Border" content column displayed as text floated to the right in a Web page without any real borders.  Now, when you add Border content, it will display as it was originally intended...

  • Upgraded TYPO3 and rtehtmlarea
    05 April 2007

    Upgraded TYPO3 to version 4.0.6. Major changes include:        * Fixed bug #5266: WamCom browser check in htmlarea.js conflicted with Firefox        * Fixed bug #4207: User>Workspaces shows...

  • Default styles in RTE available
    16 February 2007

    Three University Relations-designed paragraph styles are now available for your use in TYPO3.  They can be used to highlight important information in a page.  An example follows: This is a paragraph...

  • Installed new TYPO3 login features
    15 February 2007

    I have installed some new features for the TYPO3 login page.  A summary follows.Pop-up checkingSome have discovered that forgetting to allow pop-ups before using TYPO3 can have consequences of...

  • Disabled RealURL for
    04 January 2007

    RealURL is the application that makes the URLs for sites hosted in TYPO3 human-readable.  Due to some unusual behavior and bugs in the TYPO3 back-end, I have disabled RealURL for the site...

  • Reuse content
    22 December 2006

    News articles can be inserted individually onto a page in the same way as content elements. This feature should be used in moderation, when the situation warrants.  When possible, it is preferable to...

  • Upgraded TYPO3 and extensions
    07 December 2006

    I recently upgraded TYPO3 and several out-of-date extensions.  For the most part, you should not notice any changes.  However, because these were bug fixes, you may notice that some things "work...

  • Upgraded RTE (WYSIWYG editor)
    17 November 2006

    I updated the RTE to rtehtmlarea version 1.4.2 and reconfigured the editor from the ground up.  Changes are summarized below.Added the necessary configuration to support the paragraph and text...

  • Improved performance for IE < 7 in NDSU skin
    08 November 2006

    I observed that the page tree took a while to render in IE6 and identified the problem as a Javascript fix for IE's poor transparent PNG support.  Executing this script took some time and to speed...


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