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  • NDSU websites moving to HTTPS June 16
    21 April 2015

    This change will lead to improved security for all users of NDSU websites, including those who submit sensitive information through online forms. It will also boost NDSU’s ranking in Web search...

  • Workspace notifications buggy - update 1
    09 March 2015

    For quite a while, there have been reports of workspace notification emails being dispatched despite a workspace being set for "no notifications." After the recent TYPO3 upgrade, the annoyance may...

  • CMS outage March 1 - 2
    27 February 2014

    Beginning at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 1, 2014 and continuing until noon on Sunday, March 2, 2014, CMS editing will be locked in order to prepare for a database update. Authors will not be able to...

  • Upcoming changes - first look (IT Expo)
    25 October 2013

    At the IT Expo on October 23 you heard a fast overview of upcoming changes for CMS. A video of the presentation, along with the presentation slides, will be posted on the Expo page soon. Explore mor...

  • Workspace notifications buggy
    20 November 2012

    It has been reported that notifications in workspaces are misbehaving since a recent TYPO3 security update was applied. The behavior observed is that email notifications for publish are sent to...

  • NDSU Admin module enables you to see email notification settings
    08 November 2011

    Using the NDSU Admin module, you can view more workspace settings. There aren't many settings in a workspace and you have been able to see the most important setting (members) for some time. Now you...

  • Upgrade complete
    30 October 2011

    The upgrade is complete. If you find anything that doesn't work, please let us know. If you see strange buttons in the rich text editor, or if the backend just looks "weird" in an unusable way, you...

  • Upgrade is in progress
    28 October 2011

    There were unexpected problems with the server that led to CMS Web pages being unavailable to visitors for several hours Friday night. We had several people looking at the problem to find where and...

  • Editing is locked during the upgrade.
    28 October 2011

    Upgrade in progress.

  • CMS upgrade training sessions
    25 October 2011

    Most of the things you typically do and use in the CMS backend will not change in the new version; however, there are changes to the 'workflow' process you’ll want to know about, and there are some...


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