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Effects of Dropping or Withdrawing on Student Account Balances

In regards to charge reversals resulting from dropping a class or withdrawing from a term, NDSU follows the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education Refund Policy 830.2 and the North Dakota University System Refund Procedure 830.2.

Students CANNOT withdraw online or drop their last class online; attempting to do so may result in loss of refund and increased processing times. To withdraw from all classes during a term the student must complete the Withdraw to Zero Credits Form.

Withdrawing from a term can require the return of Federal Financial Aid (Title IV) Funds. The calculation of "earned" aid is completed by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. "Unearned" aid is returned to the Department of Education and/or the loan lender.

Dropping a course or withdrawing from a term can also affect future financial aid eligibility. Pursuant to Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress students must complete 67% of attempted credits. Dropping a course or withdrawing from a term can result in a student failing to meet the requirement.


Dropping occurs when a student wishes to discontinue enrollment in a particular class, but wants to remain enrolled in at least one other class during the term.


Cancellation of Registration and Withdrawing from a term occurs when a student wishes to withdraw completely from NDSU for a term.

Deadline Dates

Dates and Deadlines

Note: These dates may vary if individual class start/end dates differ from the general session dates in which the class is assigned.

NDSU Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule
Percent of Course Completed *
Tuition and Fees Refunded
Dropping a Class **Withdrawing ***
0.000% - 8.999%100%100%
9.000% - 34.999%0%75%
35.000% - 59.999%0%50%
60.000% - 100.000%0%0%

*When eligibility for a refund is calculated NDSU takes the number of calendar days that have elapsed since the class has started and divides that by the number of calendar days in the class.  As a result a class with fewer calendar days will have a shorter deadline to receive a refund. 

**Academic credits subject to the NDSU tuition and fee cap for full-time tuition are not eligible for a refund.

*** Students cannot withdraw online.  Withdrawals must be submitted using the Withdraw to Zero Credits Form.

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