Mandatory Student Fees

All Mandatory Student Fees are reviewed and approved by the NDSU Student Government. The fees are assessed to provide funding for a variety of student services, including both those utilized in-person while on-campus and those accessed remotely. Students are required to pay all Mandatory Student Fees regardless of their personal utilization of the service provided.


NDSU Student Fees = $47.84 per credit

  • Activity Fee
  • Career Services
  • Library
  • Student Health
  • Union Bond
  • Wellness Center

NDSU Technology Fee = $11.14 per credit

ND University System Fees = $5.54 per credit


Per Credit - Fall/Spring $64.52
Full-time (capped) - Fall/Spring $774.18
Per Credit - Summer (reduced activity fee) $58.72

Explanation of Mandatory Student Fees

Activity Fee
Provides opportunities for student involvement and engagement by partially funding staffing, operations, buildings, services, and events. The fee includes funding for Student Organizations, Campus Recreation and Intramurals, Athletics, Campus Attractions, The Spectrum, Bison Information Network, Memorial Union, Performing Arts, and Student Government.

Career Center Fee
Partially funds the staffing and operational expenses related to career development of the NDSU Career & Advising Center which in turn helps prepare students for employment via academic advising, career coaching, classroom teaching, career events, etc.

Library Fee
Provides funding for the purpose of maintaining up-to-date academic resources in multiple formats within NDSU Libraries. Resources are available in both electronic format (e.g., online journals and databases) and in person (e.g., group study rooms, prototype labs).

NDSU Technology Fee
Supports the maintenance and improvement of NDSU’s technology infrastructure, enhancing the ability of all students to remotely access campus resources.

Helps fund the North Dakota Student Association, which was established to ensure that students have a voice within the North Dakota University System (NDUS). Their mission is to: “Empower students, create collaboration between the student bodies on each campus, give a student perspective on higher education policy, and better the NDUS.”

NDUS ConnectND Fee
Approved by the Chancellor, this fee supports a multitude of NDUS software applications (e.g., Campus Connection, Blackboard), which are managed by the Core Technology Services division.

Student Health Fee
Supports a portion of operational expenses for the  Student Health Service department, which provides preventative, acute and chronic care to enrolled and eligible NDSU students. The fee also funds outreach programs and services designed to promote overall student health and well-being such immunization compliance, sexual assault prevention and advocacy, and peer education.

Union Bond Fee
Supports updates to the hub of student activity on campus, the NDSU Memorial Union.

Wellness Fee
Funds the day-to-day operations of and bond payments for the NDSU Wellness Center facility as well as current (and future) initiatives to promote student well-being. This fee was established under the guidance and approval of the student body, reflecting their financial commitment to both the physical facility and the mission of the department..

Course and Class Fees

Course fees are additional fees assessed to all section for a particular course.
Class fees are additional fees assessed to a specific section(s) of a course.