The Customer Account Services department will start actively attempting to collect payment from students when their account becomes sixty days past due. Delinquent students will be sent a series of communications requesting prompt payment and informing the student that the account may be referred to a collection agency. It is the goal of the Customer Account Services department to assist students in resolving this outstanding obligation in the most efficient means possible so that they may successfully fulfill their future academic endeavors.

Options BEFORE Collection Agency Referral

  1. Direct Payment to NDSU — Payment may be made via a variety of methods including cash, check (both paper and electronic) and credit card. Detailed information regarding how to make payment may be found here.
  2. Apply for a Private Loan — Loan options are available on past due balances. A cosigner will be required to apply. Additional information regarding private loans, including the FastChoice loan application tool, may be found here.
  3. Enroll in a Payment Plan — After the semester ends, students may enroll in a six-month payment plan which prevents the account from being referred to a collection agency. Students are reminded of this option via both email and collection letters sent to the home address. It is important that students act quickly after notification as enrollment is only open for about a month after the semester ends.
    • The minimum eligible balance is $300.
    • There is an enrollment fee for this plan, but late fees are waived while enrolled.
    • Payments are deducted automatically on the 5th of each month.
    • This payment plan does not allow for future registration or the release of transcripts/diplomas.
    • How to enroll? Campus Connection > Student Self Service tile > Pay Online Now.

Please note: The payment plan option will appear only for eligible students.

AFTER Collection Agency Referral

Students that do not resolve their outstanding balance owed at NDSU by exercising one of the options listed above will be referred to a collection agency approximately 9-12 months after delinquency. This referral may impact the student’s credit rating. All payments made after referral must be directed to the collection agency. Collection agency contact information may be found in the Holds section of the Student Center tab in Campus Connection. Official transcripts and diplomas will be held for a minimum of fourteen days after payment in full is received.

In the event that a student wishes to return to NDSU after paying the outstanding balance to the collection agency, they will be required to pay upfront the estimated cost of the next semester. Pending financial aid funds may be taken into consideration, but all tasks required to receive financial aid (e.g., FAFSA complete, loans accepted) must be completed beforehand.

Reminder! In addition to making financial arrangements, students must apply for readmission by the posted deadline: Students Seeking Readmission.

Contact Customer Account Services at (701) 231-8782 or regarding the required down payment amount and to request that the hold be lifted (after pre-payment terms are met).