Third-Party and Family Member Student Account Access

To assist in navigating the administrative processes at NDSU, students may give family members access to their student account information. They may also elect to grant access to other third-parties such as employers. Below please find descriptions of these access options, keeping in mind that each option is unique and does not guarantee full access. For example, the assignment of delegated access does not include FERPA consent.


Those with FERPA consent may contact NDSU staff with questions regarding the student account by providing the answer to a confidential security question or PIN.

How to Enroll?

  1. Log in to Campus Connection.
  2. Click on the NDSU eForms tile.
  3. Select FERPA Release (under Registration and Records).

Further Information: Student Privacy Policy (FERPA)

Authorized Payer

Authorized payers may make online payments (credit card and ACH) on behalf of the student. They may also view the monthly billing statement.

How to Enroll?

  1. Log in to Campus Connection.
  2. Click on the Financial Account tile.
  3. Click on Pay Online Now.
  4. Select the NDSU banner.
  5. Click on Authorize Payers.

Further Information: Authorized Payer Setup

Delegated Access

Delegates (aka proxies) can log in to Campus Connection for read-only access to the items below (selected individually by the student).

  • View Financial Aid
  • Pay Online (ONLY when combined with Authorized Payer access)
  • View Student Finance (account balance, payment history and 1098T)
  • View Contact Information (addresses, email, phone number)
  • View Classes
  • View Course History
  • View Grades
  • View Tasks (to-do list, holds)
  • View Unofficial Transcript

How to Enroll?

  1. Log in to Campus Connection.
  2. Click on the Student Self Service tile.
  3. Click on Share My Information.

Further Information Delegated Access Setup and Viewing
Note: Setting up a delegate is a two-part process, initiated by the student. Contact One Stop to resend the instructions to the delegate.