Add Classes

  1. Log in to Campus Connection
  2. Click on the Manage Classes tile
  3. Click Class Search and Enroll
  4. You may be asked to select the appropriate Term you want to register for, confirm that North Dakota State University is the selected Institution, and click Continue if necessary. 
  5. To search for a class, type a keyword in the Search for Classes field (course name, subject, topic) 
  6. To view additional course details (description, prerequisites, course fees, etc.), click the hyperlink under to the "Class" label
  7. After reviewing the course details, click the course you would like to enroll in
  8. Click the Next button to add class to your shopping cart
    (PLEASE NOTE: classes are NOT added to your schedule until you complete the following steps)
    • If the class is Wait-listed, select Yes to the 'Add to waitlist if class is full' option, and click Accept
  9. Determine if you would like to 'Enroll' or 'Add to Shopping Cart. Click Next to continue to the class confirmation screen
    • If adding courses to your shopping cart, you need to return to the Shopping Cart tab to finish enrolling
  10. Review class(es) and click Submit
  11. One of two messages will appear:
    • Green Check Mark indicates you have successfully enrolled in the course
    • Red "X" indicates an error prohibiting you from adding the class has occurred (The message section will describe why the error occurred)

  12. Upon successful enrollment, click the Return to Keyword Search Page to continue adding classes to your schedule 
  13. Repeat the steps above to add additional classes 
  14. Click the 'My Weekly Schedule' tab to review your list of enrolled courses
    • In 'List View', check or uncheck the "Show Dropped Classes" and "Show Waitlisted Classes" checkboxes to filter the display
    • Select the 'Weekly Calendar View' option to display your enrolled classes in a day/time grid format