Wait List Instructions

  1. When attempting to register for a class that has reached its enrollment capacity, a "Wait List if class is full" checkbox will appear
  2. If you wish to be on the Wait List, check the box and follow the remaining steps of the enrollment transaction
  3. You may view your order on the wait list
  4. Check 'My Class Schedule' regularly to see if it has been added to your schedule of classes

Please note: Students are notified via official NDSU email when added to a course via the Wait List. However, if you no longer wish to be enrolled in a course (either while still on the wait list or added via the wait list process) you are responsible for dropping it according to posted dates and deadlines

  • The Wait List feature runs daily until the deadline to add a class on Campus Connection
  • If not added via a Wait List, check with academic departments for enrollment options
  • The Wait List feature is not utilized by all departments and classes
  • To remove yourself from a Wait list, "Drop" the class following the instructions under "Drop Classes"

A student on a wait list is not added to a course if:

  1. Holds are preventing enrollment
  2. Course pre-requisites are not met
  3. There is a time conflict
  4. If already enrolled in a different section of the course