Financial Aid Offer Letter

For incoming freshmen, a Financial Aid Offer will be mailed to your home address and will be available on your Campus Connection account in mid-May. For returning students, an award notice notification will be emailed to your NDSU email account and will be available on your Campus Connection account by mid-June.

Go online to Campus Connection to accept/decline/change your award. For instructions on how to accept/decline/change your award visit Financial Aid Next Steps.

If you are selected for verification, initial notifications will be sent by postal mail for first-year students. Initial notifications for returning students will be sent by email to your NDSU campus email account. Requests for additional information from both first-year and returning students will be sent via NDSU campus email. You will also see the items requested on your To-Do List found in the Tasks and Communications tile on Campus Connection. It is important you regularly check your NDSU email and Campus Connection account. More information on verification.

What happens after you receive your offer letter?

Whether estimating what it will cost you to attend NDSU or not sure what to do next, the pages linked below contain valuable information for after you have received your offer letter.

Financial Aid Next Steps

Offer Notice Frequently Asked Questions