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Policy Manual


Index By Alphabetized Policy Title

Academic Freedom325
Academic Misconduct326
Academic Staff and Executive/Administrative Positions - Procedures for Filling304
Acceptable Use of Electronic Communications Devices 158
Access Control and Building Security707
Accounts Payable506
Accounts Receivable504
Administrative Leave220.1
Admission & Re-Enrollment Safety Risks; Background Checks607
Alcohol and Other Drugs: Unlawful Use by Students and Employees155
Allowability of Costs804
Allowable Cost Policies - Compensation for Personal Services805
Allowable Cost Policies - Equipment810
Allowable Cost Policies - Fringe Benefits808
Allowable Cost Policies - Miscellaneous812
Allowable Cost Policies - Overtime Payments Sponsored Agreements807
Allowable Cost Policies - Subcontracts811
Allowable Cost Policies - Summer Salary for Faculty and Staff806
Allowable Cost Policies - Travel809
Animal Welfare346
Annual Leave130
Annual Leave and Sick Leave313
Annuities (Tax Shelter)131
Appeal Procedure For Disciplinary and Reduction in Force Actions231
Appointment Authority and Procedure - Non-Banded Employees300
Assessment of Courses and Instruction332
Authorized Representatives800
Auxiliary Exclusive Services407
Bank and Investment Accounts502
Base Salary310
Behavior Intervention Team601.1
Bison Card Terms and Conditions703
Board Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure; Academic Appointments350.1
Board Regulations on Hearings and Appeals350.4
Board Regulations on Nonrenewal, Termination or Dismissal of Faculty350.3
Board Regulations on Standing Committee on Faculty Rights350.2
Broadbanded Staff Probationary Period222
Broadbanded Staff Responsibility Review221
Broadbanding Policy241
Campus Emergency Notification Systems (CENS)721
Campus Maintenance and Service Requests708
Changing Positions - Staff240
Class Attendance Policy333
Classified Research344
Classroom Assignments, Class Lists, and Instructor Initiated Drop Policy331
Code of Academic Responsibility and Conduct335
Code of Conduct151
Code of Student Conduct601
Commercial and Fundraising Activities150
Compensation in Lieu of Pay129.1
Computer and Electronic Communications Facilities710
Confidentiality of Documentation606.2
Confidential Proprietary Information343
Consensual Relationships162.1
Contract Review712
Copyrights (replaced by Policy 190 - Intellectual Property)340
Cost Corrections817
Cost Sharing814
Course Fees329
Course Substitution606.1
Course Syllabus331.1
Death Settlement184
Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Complaint Procedures156
Distribution of Literature154
Drug and Alcohol Testing161.1
E-Mail as an Official Communication Method for Employees158.1
E-Mail as an Official Communication Method to Students609
Early Retirement360
Educational Policy133
Effort Reporting/Personnel Activity Confirmation821
Electronic Financial Transaction Policy509
Emergency Procedures164
Emergency Purchasing405
Emeritus Titles361
Employee Group Definitions101.1
Employee Information120
Employee Misuse of Property Reports - Protections169.1
Employee Responsibility and Activities: Intellectual Property190
Employee Responsibility and Activities: Theft and Fraud169
Employee Suggestion Incentive Program165
Employment Eligibility Verification109
Employment of Relatives110
Employment Qualifications107
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy on the Announcement of Position Openings103
Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy100
Evaluation of Academic Administrators327
Examinations and Grading336
Export Control722
External Activities and Conflicts of Interest151.1
External Audits on Sponsored Agreements820
External Professional Activities152
Facilities and Administrative Costs813
Facilities Management Motor Garage and Motor Pool709
Faculty Obligations and Time Requirements320
Faculty/Staff Assistance134
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)600
Field Trips (now titled Student Travel Policy)334
Financial Conflict of Interest - Public Health Service, National Science Foundation or Other Applicable Sponsored Research823
Fitness for Duty161
Flexible Spending Accounts Program136
General Ledger500
Grade Appeals Board337
Grant and Contract Accounting - General Provisions801
Grievance Procedure for Conditions of Employment230
Grievance Procedures157
Grievances - Faculty353
Guidelines for Student Requests for Reasonable Accommodation606
Health Insurance for International Scholars305
Immunization Requirements612
Injury Claims Against NDSU and State Risk Financing159
Institutional Biosafety Committee347
Institutional Safety 166.1
Instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research348
Instructors and Students As Family/Household Members331.2
Insurance Benefits138
Internal Auditor's Office719
International Travel for Students (is now Policy 334.1)611.1
Jurisdiction of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management - Student Conduct Code Violations604
Lactation Policy134.2
Leasing Policy401
Leave Sharing Program147
Leave With Pay139
Leave Without Pay149
Legal Representation712.1
Litigation Hold713.1
Membership in Professional and Service Organizations152.2
Military Leave146
Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Faculty309
Missing Student Notification610
NDSU Collection Policy513
NDSU Policy on Communication Proficiency339
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodation100.1
Nonprofit Entities716
Nonrenewal and Dismissal of Nonbanded, Nonacademic Staff183
Oath for Teachers324
Ownership of Work Products of Teaching Assistants (replaced by Policy 190 - Intellectual Property)342
Partial Pay and Hourly Rate Calculations121
Patents (replaced by Policy 190 - Intellectual Property)341
Payment of Meals for Staff and Guests170
Payroll Checks - Distribution122
Payroll Deduction Services148
Payroll Taxes 125
Personal Use of State Property700.3
Personnel Definitions101
Petty Cash and Change Fund501
Political Activities and Voting Rights of University Employees160
Positions Funded by Federal and Grant Money111
Pre-Employment and Current Employee Criminal Record Disclosure112
Procurement Standards on Federal Agreements818
Program Income815
Promotion, Tenure and Evaluation352
Property Management Standards819
Property, Plant and Equipment505
Public/Open/Restricted Records718
Purchasing - General Policies400
Reasonable Accommodation on the Basis of Disability - Guidelines for Employee Requests 168
Rebudgeting on Sponsored Agreements816
Receipt and Inspection404
Records Management713
Recruitment for Broadbanded Staff Positions (Banded 4000-7000 Positions)201
Recruitment for Executive/Administrative/Managerial, Academic Staff and Other Non-Banded Positions
(0000, 1000 and 2000 positions)
Recruitment for Professional Staff Positions (Banded 1000 and 3000 positions)200
Recruitment Period for Position Announcements104
Reduced Course Load606.3
Reduction In Force223
Re-Employment Benefits140
Research Involving Human Participants 345
Research Units - Establishing/Evaluating717
Responsibility Reviews for Non-Faculty Personnel167
Rest Periods213
Restricted Gifts vs. Grant Policy803
Retirement Plans142
Retirement Services141
Safety Office: Hazardous Materials and Chemical Management/Radiation Safety/Asbestos711
Salary Administration Policy129
Salary or Stipend - Part-Time Academic Staff or Graduate Assistant127
Sale or Distribution of Racially and Sexually Offensive Material154.1
Scheduling of Classrooms338
Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials323
Senate Coordinating Council 714
Separation Procedure180
Services and Facilities Usage700
Severance Pay Policy182
Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Sexual Misconduct162
Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Compliance603
Sick/Dependent Leave143
Smoke-Free Facilities153
Space Allocation Policies & Procedures715
Staff and Faculty Recruitment and Moving Expenses171
Staff Job Discipline/Dismissal220
Student Advising and Counseling330
Student Publications605
Student Travel Policy (is now Policy 334611
Suicide Threat Response Policy608
Summer Session Teaching Salary311
Surplus Property406
Taking Equipment Off-Campus700.2
Temporary Change of Work Location144.1
Timeslip Payroll and Electronic Timekeeping/Temporary Staff128
Title IX Complaint Procedures156.1
Traffic and Safety/University Police706 
Transcripts and Registration Restrictions for Delinquent Loans and Charge Accounts602
Travel - Employees515
Travel - Non-Employee516
Tuition Waiver - Spouse/Partner and Dependents133.1
Unemployment Coverage145
University Health and Safety Policy166
Use of Service and Assistance Animals100.2
Use of University Name700.1
Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems 723
Web Advisory Board710.1
Work Week214
Worker's Compensation144
Workplace and Family/Dependent Responsibilities 134.1
Workplace Violence163.1

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