2011 Projects

Architecture Technology Corporation

Carver Manet 3D GUI

Project Details
The goal is to create an application to provide visual representation to the CARVER MANET network. The application imports GPS node data, from a comma-delimited file. The system will then paint these nodes as 3 dimensional objects. These 3D objects can take different forms (i.e. planes, hummers, etc) based on the data contained in the files read in. The system also provides additional features such as displaying the lines of communication between nodes, a window showing detailed information about a node, play, fast forward, rewind features, options for filtering different nodes, and lines drawn behind nodes showing the previous locations.

Agri ImaGIS

Satshot iPhone Application

Project Details
Based out of North Dakota Agri ImaGIS provides a focus on satellite imagery and data analysis for agricultural business and the crop insurance industry. With Mapcenter v2.0 and Satshot 3D products already available Agri ImaGIS looked to expand to the iPhone market.


  • User access by Login and Logout
  • Location fetched by GPS
  • Load and Display map images of fields within 500 meters
  • Allow user to select from list of satellite scenes
  • Pass zone information to server and display results of image analysis.
  • User is able to take and upload geo-tagged pictures with comments

Air Academy Associates

Enhancing an Online Testing System

Project Details
Air Academy Associates travel around the country to companies and provide training in a number of areas (Statistics, Six Sigma, etc.). Once a class is complete, they often administer an exam which has been in paper format in the past. The online testing system is supposed to help automate that process.

  • OTS automates the process of creating, evaluating, and taking examinations by Air Academy Associates.
  • Team of students from NDSU in spring 2010 has created a web-based, online testing system.
  • Main features Implemented by team 2010 spring Air Academy Associates were:
    • Creating the exam
    • Enrolling students one at a time
    • Taking the exam
    • Reporting results

Major enhancements made by the 2011 team:

  • When creating the exam:
    • Display topics alphabetically
    • Import questions from an external source (Excel)
    • No duplicate topic names are allowed
  • When enrolling students:
    • Import students from an external source
    • E-mail Notify student automatically
  • When reporting results:
    • Final pass/fail report of student
    • Print certificate
  • When taking the exam:
    • Improve display of data sets and images
    • No duplicate exam names are allowed
  • Remove the bugs from the current system to make it up to date
  • Fix security and browser compatibility issues

Intelligent InSites

Android Platform

Project Details
Intelligent InSites has developed a resource management system that can be used to track equipment, staff, and patients in a hospital environment. The InSites platform allows for the collection of real-time location data to quickly and efficiently locate resources. This allows for improvements in patient safety, workflow optimization, and inventory management.

Our task was to transfer this functionality onto the Android platform. Using an Android device, hospital staff will be able to:

  • Log in and select their role
  • Search for equipment or personnel
  • View search results in list or map format


Windows Phone 7 Dynamics AX

Project Details
Windows Phone 7 Capstone Project will light up the Windows Phone 7 by bringing some Microsoft Dynamics AX functions to a phone application enabling business functionalities to be performed remotely. We will be designing an application with a general serviceman in mind, giving him the functionality he will need throughout his day including; service orders, time planning, and route charting functionality.

Going through Windows Phone 7 application environment seemed a positive learning experience for all of us, gave us an insight about how the phone applications are actually developed and would definitely help us in future, even if we don't select developing phone applications as a career move. Moreover the aspects of developing something for Microsoft, going there almost every week, meeting the Microsoft guys actually provided motivating force for us to work hard and put all our efforts for making the Windows Phone 7 project work.

NDSU Computer Science Department

Student Directory Project

Project Details
LDAP stands for lightweight directory access protocol. It is a set of protocols for accessing information directories. The NDSU Computer Science department currently uses LDAP directories to store information of user accounts, group membership, and access information. Our project is to develop a Client for the OpenLdap Server. An LdapClient is used to request and view LDAP entries from an LDAP Directory Server.


  • Allows easy management of user accounts and groups
  • Import existing user and group information from different file formats
  • Handle semester changes
  • Provide a view of the directory hierarchy

National Information Solutions Cooperative

iVUE Web Services with GWT Application

Project Details
NISC uses iVUE, a business application, that provides accounting and billing functions to rural electric and telecommunications companies. The previous NISC iVUE application strongly relied on database connectivity through a LAN. However, To Enhance this application, technologies that integrate any web-enabled device to make inventory management more robust and portable were implemented. The application provides online access to the iVUE material inventory via internet. This application is also accessible through mobile devices. Using this application users log in to the system using web services deployed on NISC server. This web application was developed using Google web toolkit (GWT) and is designed based on MVP pattern.


Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager

Project Details
IBM's Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager enables a business to receive accurate reports related to IT costs. It is software which monitors databases and servers, and generates billing reports using this information. This project is designed to allow Noridian to estimate the costs associated with installing and configuring a Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager system as their needs require. This project focuses on some specific tasks:

  • Establishing and configuring a server to run the application server and reporting server for TUAM.
  • Configuring a "Collector" that monitors database usage on an Oracle database system.
  • Linking these various components together and producing meaningful reports.
  • Providing an effort and cost estimation document that Noridian can use in future implementation.

Phoenix International

Quote BOM Builder

Project Details
A web based tool enabling rapid evaluation of costs associated with engineering design concepts.

The tool benefits:

  • Concept design and review time is dramatically reduced.
  • Rapid product updates allow improved collaboration within the engineering teams and with our customers.
  • Streamlined user interface and automated business process replace manual effort.
  • Engineering efficiency and overall competiveness is improved.

The tool features:

  • Direct data links to our existing data systems
  • Java based API and/or web services to Oracle's Agile PLM solution
  • Connections with new and existing Oracle databases
  • Drag and drop of pre-existing circuit templates to build the proposed product
  • Detailed information on each circuit is available as a popup layer
  • Real-time updating of calculated factors such as product cost
  • Actions such as sharing and exporting and reporting

NDSU Computer Science Department

Program for Defect Estimation using Capture-Recapture Models

Project Details
The team developed a software tool used to produce estimations for the number of defects in a software artifact using capture-recapture models. A data matrix of inspectors and defects is fed into the tool and parameters can be adjusted to vary the number of inspectors used. This project incorporates the Care 2 Automation Anywhere tool in order to automate the process of analyzing the data.

National Information Solutions Cooperative

Project Details
NISC offers multi-site utility customers with advanced utility information through a utility bill pay service. This service provides users with cost tracking, utility information, and bill information via internet. Now NISC looks to offer more flexibility to users with the development of a Windows 8 Live Tile Application that would allow users quick and easy access to the most important utility information.

Product Features:

  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Upcoming Changes
  • EnergyStar
  • Search
  • Bill Information


Phoenix International

Shop Floor IT Health Checker

Project Details
The existing system used by the company had become overly complicated and Phoenix International needed a better solution for identifying and fixing failures on the shop floor. Additionally, there were troubles with routing this failure information to the correct department within their help desk.

The program developed by this project team is an application which checks for failures on machines, reports failures, and optionally provides suggested resolutions for certain issues.


  • Works on both Windows XP and Windows 7 machines
  • Detects several common faults
  • Automatically generates and sends reports to IT staff
  • Security settings to only allow use by certain users

NDSU Plant Sciences Department

Plot Maker

Project Details
This project is based on the existing "Plot Maker" software from the department of plant science. This software was made several years ago and had become unusable on new versions of the operating system. The main work of the project was to upgrade the already created software for the department of plant science. This software was originally designed to function on Windows XP with .NET framework 1.0. This project upgraded the software to Windows 7 and the newest version of the .NET framework.

Program features:

  • Allow users to draw plots and designate certain portions for experiments
  • Allow users to import, manage, present, and export recorded experiment data
  • Visualize temporal experiment data in a meaningful and interesting way


Web Part Creation

Project Details
Microsoft SharePoint helps businesses to set up their own Websites to share information with people, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. A Web Part is a module that provides a basic unit of a SharePoint site. With permission, one can use web parts to customize the SharePoint site to have features like pictures, charts, and many more. This project will incorporate the following capabilities in the existing SharePoint sites managed at Polaris:

  • A web part that will display the current end user's login account password expiration date by accessing a web service dynamically.
  • A web part that will display the names of people who have set the current logged in user as a "colleague".


State Bank & Trust

SharePoint-Innotas Integration Project

Project Details
Innotas is an online PPM (project portfolio management) tool used by State Bank & Trust. Innotas bills State Bank for every user account. A lot of State Bank employees do not need to use all features of Innotas, just need to know the status of ongoing IT projects related to them; it's not economical for State Bank to purchase licenses for them.

State Bank has a SharePoint server to which all employees have access. State Bank's Innotas license permits use of its API to access its data. Our solution is to create SharePoint web parts that retrieve data from Innotas using its API and show a given ongoing IT project's status.


  • Three web parts, one each for a project's
    • Health Overview
    • Issues/Risks
    • Milestones
  • A web part property will allow changing the ID of the project whose status has to be retrieved.
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