2013 Projects

Architecture Technology Corporation

Data Management System

Project Details
ATK is an international company that designs and develops Aerospace, Defense, and sporting technologies. Many of their programs focus on creating and improving rocket propulsion, missile defense, strike weapons, and tactical ammunition. They have several programs in development across multiple sites and no real standard for how they handle all their test data from all their different sites and programs.

That's where we come in. We designed and built a system that can store and manage every locations' test data in a single and simple to use system. Using MVC (Model-View-Controller) we created a robust and versatile system that can handle any and all resulting data from ATK's robust catalog of products currently in development.


  • Stores and manages large sums of arbitrary test data
  • Allows for editing and managing of already imported test data
  • Import / Export function for all test data, old and new
  • Search or filter function for all Program, phases, and tests
  • Integrated into SharePoint

Bolder Thinking

API Harness

Project Details
The Bolder Thinking Cloud Telephony Platform is the first and only true cloud-based enterprise-grade telephony solution for call centers and businesses. The purpose of this project was to provide a new look and new features to the already existing web application harness for Bolder Thinking's various RESTful API's. It allows developers and testers at Bolder Thinking to better make sure that their API's are functioning as they desire. This API harness is scalable, concise, and easy to use compared to the old implementation.


Flexible Ping Utility

Project Details
Ericsson is a telecommunications giant and an international mobile broadband provider. Ericsson's network engineers were in need of a ping utility with more functionality than those previously available. The application we have developed contains all the basic features of ping, with some added functionality based on Ericsson's needs.


  • Cross-platform compatibility (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Single executable file with no installation required
  • Includes all basic ping features
  • Random payload size
  • Increasing payload size
  • Random time between pings
  • Excluding pings from summary

Another of our main goals for this project was to create a sort-of "Ping for the 21st Century". The old implementations of ping have sparse comments and variable names that often made no sense. We've rewritten ping with alliterative variable names and descriptive comments, hoping to encourage future development of ping.


Error Logging and Reporting System

Project Details
The goal of this project was to build a JavaScript error logging and reporting system for FBS to track JavaScript errors that occur while using their web based applications. A JavaScript snippet was developed to detect errors as well as information related to the user and browsing session. This JavaScript snippet is embedded on web pages where error logging is desired and transmits error related information to a Ruby on Rails server for storage and analysis. The Ruby on Rails server contains a dashboard that allows an administrator to see errors that have occurred over time across company web applications. This dashboard provides searching and filtering of errors, allowing administrators to locate specific errors. Through the dashboard administrators can export reports into common formats such as Microsoft Excel. The dashboard also allows an administrator to view graphs of errors to better visualize the number that have occurred over a specific time interval.


  • Records JavaScript errors that occur on FBS webpages
  • Errors are sent to a ruby on rails server and displayed on a dashboard
  • Errors can be sorted, filtered, generated into a report, and displayed in 1 or more charts/graphs


OpenStack at NDSU

Project Details
Last year IBM approached NDSU to have a computer science capstone group implement an OpenStack environment on campus as a proof-of-concept, higher education oriented open source private cloud. The task was a huge success and expectations were greatly surpassed by what the group was able to accomplish. IBM would now like to continue what was started last year by having another group further the development and utilization of the cloud at NDSU. Through this capstone project, IBM is able to further their relationship with the university and to explore the benefits of this type of platform in higher education. This also allows them to contribute more as a corporate sponsor to OpenStack and also aid in its deployment to locations that are able to benefit from the opportunities that OpenStack makes possible.

OpenStack creates an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that provisions computing resources to provide various cloud-based services. The group's primary responsibility was to reach out to the faculty and staff in the department to develop use cases for the cloud. The group configured and delivered a fully-functional production instance of OpenStack running on the latest release (Grizzly) to the department. In addition several components were added to customize the environment for the department, including elastic hadoop to automate deployment of clusters using a REST API or the OpenStack dashboard.


John Deere

Remote Server Health Checker

Project Details
John Deere has many servers all around the world that need to be up and working at all times for production purposes. The project that was given to us was to create an application that would run twice a day to check these server's to make sure that they are up and fully operational for that days production.

What we accomplished:

  • Created an application that can connect remotely to a server to perform the following checks:
    • Ping
    • SQL
    • Oracle
    • Disk Space
    • Web Apps
  • This application is ran by a XML file that allows us to control what servers and what server to run these tests against.


Bison Tracker

National Information Solutions Cooperative

Avionics Parameter Broadcast Simulator

Project Details
NISC offers multi-site utility customers with advanced utility information through a utility bill pay service. This service provides users with cost tracking, utility information, and bill information via internet. Now NISC looks to offer more flexibility to users with the development of a Windows 8 Live Tile Application that would allow users quick and easy access to the most important utility information.

Product Features:

  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Upcoming Changes
  • EnergyStar
  • Search
  • Bill Information

RDO Equipment Co.

Field Connect Manager

Project Details
RDO Equipment Co. (RDO) is a large dealer for John Deere agriculture and construction equipment. Recently, John Deere has started selling Field Connect equipment and service directly to clients. However, John Deere would like RDO to spearhead a new way of marketing this system to clients. They would like RDO to purchase the equipment and sell the service to their clients. RDO would like a way to track the equipment and subscriptions. This is the purpose of our capstone project.


  • Web Application
  • Client/Farm/Field/Gateway/Probe/Subscription Management
  • Track Gateway/Probe Removal Date
  • Roles-Based Feature Access
  • List Sorting & Search Features
  • Reports on Equipment by Client/Farm/Master List

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Project Details
UGPTI is developing a desktop application that will be used by North Dakotan officials to manage asset data for roads, signs, and minor structures. UGPTI is creating this application for the ND Local Technical Assistance Program that will make this application downloadable to county and township officials in North Dakota. Asset information will be used to claim emergency funds from the government and to meet future transportation bill requirements.


  • Divided the project into three layers (client, logic, data) for future development
  • Incorporated a data grid view that allows users to view record entries
  • Restructured previous entity-relationship diagram
  • Completed data entry for roads, signs, and structures
  • Completed data import for roads, signs and structures
  • Completed data export for roads, signs, and structures
  • Created data reporting feature
  • Implemented a search feature to quickly filter records
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