2022 Projects


Model-based Analysis Using Domain Expertise

Team: Cole Eidsvoog, Douglas Nelson, Joseph Anderson, Josh Anderson

We are working with Adventium using their Model-based Analysis Using Domain Expertise framework. The product is a GUI that essentially simulates the design of a hospital bridging the gap between technical jargon and medical professionals for a seamless design. The goal is to give the customer a user-friendly interface that improves on their previous design and is scalable. 

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Harmonizing Network Switch/Router

Team:  Allison Scharmer, Corey Siltala, Jacob McGillick, Samuel Huot

This project is all about harmonizing the switch and router for ATCorp’s ARES switch/router combo; the switch has a GUI to be treated as a black box, and the router does not have a GUI at all. Since ARES is used in demanding environments like military vehicles and commercial aircraft, our goal is to create a GUI for the router that mimics and unifies the switch GUI through a proxy. Most importantly we will implement error checking for the configuration information to make sure the user doesn’t brick the device!

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND

Code Deployment Automation

Team: Dylan Newstrum, Emma Cockram, Sredna Kunowski, Zachary King

This project is about creating automated code deployment for SQL, .NET, Azure Web Apps, and PowerShell frameworks. Our automated workflow will use Azure DevOps to build, test, and deploy code packages.

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Customer Mapping

Team: Alex Freetly, Devin Gluesing, Luke Meincke, Noah Case

Bushel is a company that develops technical solutions for farmers and other agricultural customers. Our capstone project uses MapBox and the Expo framework to display grain bin locations to a user-friendly mobile application. This project plots the locations on a map and displays various information that is useful for the fast-paced climate that farmers rendure.

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Bluetooth Integrated Mobile Application

Team: Nicholas Dorscher, Zachary Vig

This project involves building an Android application in conjunction with the engineering department to detect device inputs through bluetooth and give users notifications. To test this, we have developed a way to use the buttons on a set of headphones to trigger the phone's notification.

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Maps Integration Phase 2

Team: Alexander Feltman, Jacob Laurent, Samuel DeGeest, Spencer Ekstrom

Collins is continuing to develop a flight tracking tool integrating with google maps API with three major components to it. First, the project will display all ground stations that planes can connect to, with the ability to filter through them and display data about them. Second, it should parse through flight log data, and display certain information about a flight on the map such as the route and the ground stations it connected to. Third, it should be able to filter through excel files to allow for easier parsing of log files when processing data.

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Optimize Player Rating Process

Team: Tommy Jackson, Troy Timmerman

FargoRate is a startup company pioneering billiards-league software. Our project is a research and development effort to implement a graph database and perform graphical calculations to augment the existing software and data resources. Utilizing T-SQL, Cypher Query Language (CQL), C# and Quikgraphs, we implemented shortest path calculations for all players by leveraging centroids and distinct subgraphs for over 19 million matches.

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IoT Asset Tracking

Team: Jonah Hendrickson, Jordan Milbrath, Steven Posterick, Tyler Ferron

Our project’s goal is to create a web application that can monitor the location of trackers in relation to beacons. The data from the trackers are sent to Eclipse Hono, which lets us create digital twins using Eclipse Ditto. This subsequently connects to a database where data is read from and displayed in the online web application.

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John Deere

As-Built Record for Production Assemblies

Team: Christian Koski, Falsteen Salem, Nicholas Snell, Zachary  Nagorski

We have been working with a vast data set to build a user interface that John Deere can use to pull together all the information associated with an electronics module assembly that they have manufactured. We are building our project using Power BI (a powerful data analytics tool) to build interactive and immersive dashboards and reports. Unlike excel sheets with no visuals and complicated searching, we are using Power BI to give the user an ability to search the data set with ease.

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Batch Based Processing

Team: Carson Neiss, Clayton Klemm, Jacob Rafferty, Justin Hopp

We created a full stack application to automate the selection of programs and generation of outputs that are sent to their new CNC machines to create windows and doors. With our front-end web page, they can interface with their database and view/manage the related data. The goal of this project was to reduce operator input errors as well as increase the efficiency of their new systems.

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Farming Data Entry and Management Web Application

Team: Erick Bickler, Jacob Rinehart, Sean Hagen, Vincent Casey

NDSU’s Precision Agriculture Team would greatly benefit from a web application that supports uploading files with the end goal of using the data for visualizations in Power BI.  We worked to combine, improve, and build on previous capstone projects of this endeavor.  Specifically, our goals were to renovate the legacy web application to allow users to enter contextual data & upload files, improve the database that holds that data, require user login, establish an email notification system, and begin connecting the data to Power BI. 

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Constant Contact integration

Team: Bob Fedor, Caleb Rogers, Daniel Johnson, Noah Ritter

An interactive contact management system that links to the Constant Contact API. Offers creation, deletion, update functionality for individual contacts, or contact list. Adds the ability to make contact lists on the fly for one off announcements and events.

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NDSU Plant Sciences Big Data Pipeline

Big Data Pipeline UI

Team: Andrew Hershberger, Joshua Pompa, Noah Schottler, Ryan Doering

The NDSU Plant Science Team desires a web UI to assist plant breeders in uploading their data to run AI prediction models. The app is user-friendly and allows scientists to run predictions on a CSV file the user has uploaded from their local device. The application features visualizations for the prediction results as well as a downloadable table containing prediction results and visualizations.

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Testing Automation Proof of Concept

Team: Ife Odujole, Simon Karst, Stewart Savela, Vishavjeet Sindhu, Wyatt Thelen

Exploring quality assurance automation tools and services, as well as testing techniques and models.

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Open Source Contribution - Kata Containers Unit Testing

Team: Braden Rayhorn, Christopher Parks, Garrett Mahin, Jack Hance

Kata Containers is an open-source container runtime that offers the speed of containers and the security of VMs. We are working to increase unit test coverage of the agent, a component of the project that manages the container.

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Open Source Contribution - Manila UI Enhancements

Team: Cameron Kolodjski, Jonah Fisher, Samuel Dailey, Shkoh Hamasoor

Manila is a component that brings shared filesystem functionality and control to the OpenStack cloud computing platform. We are updating the Manila-UI plugin to include newly added API features.

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Vehicle Failure Prediction using Machine Learning

Team: Dylan Miska, Logan Chantry, Madison Ashbach, Thomas Bye

Pedigree Technologies oversees the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) of thousands of vehicles. The main problem is the large number of DTCs as well as the ambiguity in their meaning. Our solution uses a machine learning model to predict future vehicle failure as well as create a prioritized list of DTC severity.

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Scheels Floor Coverage Manager

Team: Adrian Madsen, Braden Melchert, Cyan Coello, Thomas Dawson

Scheels is a sporting goods and entertainment chain store. They are in need of a way to track the current sales floor coverage of their employees. Our team aims to build a web application to increase the efficiency of communication between employees and floor managers. Floor managers will be able to track absent employees and adapt to make real-time decisions to provide their customers with the best customer service possible.

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