2023 Projects

Architecture Technology Corporation (ATCorp)

Virtual Machine Automated Testing Tools

Team: Alex McMullen, Andrea Strange, Hoang Che, Jacob Christoffers, Megan Heeren

This project's goal was to automate testing of ATCorp's cybersecurity-based virtual machine lab environment, CYRIN. Utilizing Selenium and Python, a Test Engineer will be able to run through a lab while recording user input. Those inputs are used to automatically run through the lab for future use.

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Analytics Dashboard

Team:  Amanda Fetzer, Hayden Christenson, Mitchell Borders, Nate Thoms, Nicholas Hinnenkamp

Data visualization is a powerful tool because it makes complex data easier to understand, facilitates decision making, and improves communication. Through the use of Next.JS and a Matomo API, the Bushel project team implemented an analytics dashboard for use by Bushel employees. The analytics dashboard provides at-a-glance statistics of Bushel's data in an easy and digestible manner.

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Optimization Test System

Team: Jackson Thurn, Joseph Weis, Joshua Betz, Karter Wasberg, Lucas Posey

FargoRate is a company that focuses on providing accurate and standardized billiards ratings for players across the world. The team was tasked with creating a UI tool that could be used to make test runs on smaller player datasets, allowing FargoRate to test changes to their optimization routine. The tool takes in information on what test assembly to use, as well as what player data should be grabbed. The output shows a condensed dataset with updated player rankings. The goal of this project was to provide a way for FargoRate to queue multiple tests with different changes to the optimization routine and view and compare the results of completed tests, drastically reducing the down time in between tests.

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Visualization of a Nodal Network

Team: Lucas Posey, Drew Grondahl, Samuel Bang

The project team was tasked with creating software to display a graph visualization of a network and highlight which nodes should function as a gateway to view different security layers. To accomplish this the software will load the network information, parse it into a graph, and suggest which nodes should be marked as secure points. This will then be output to the GUI where it will be displayed.

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Carbon Initiative

Team: Brandon Snyder, Caleb Myhra, Cindy Manikowski, Jean Eckelberg, Quintin Fitzgerald

The project team's goal was to research a machine learning model that can identify the amount of carbon in the soil of a field, saving farmers the time of testing the soil. We used satellite, drone, and sensor data from NDSU Ag in addition to satellite imagery from Microsoft FarmVibes to train the model. This model will allow farmers to predict carbon sequestration and optimize farming practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Kata Containers

Converting into Rust

Team: Alec Pemberton, Christopher Robinson, Gabe Venberg, Juanaiga Okugas, Maxwell Wendlandt

Kata Containers is an open source community that is working on creating a secure container runtime. The project is working on better solutions to securely isolate programs from each other. The project team, along with the rest of the Kata team, worked to convert the existing Kata-ctl codebase from go-lang into Rust.

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Integration of the Manila API into the OpenStack SDK

Team: Christopher Parks, Reynaldo Bontje, Samuel Loegering

A common need for many infrastructures is the ability to share storage among multiple servers and the ability to automate the deployment of these storage servers. With OpenStack's Manila service, it's possible to deploy robust shared file systems through a REST API, managing share size, access rules, and snapshots. The Manila Capstone team worked on implementing the Manila API within the OpenStack SDK (Software Development Kit), making it easier to write code for deploying and managing Manila's Shared File Systems.

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Marvin Fabrication Roadmap

Team: Connor Gruenes, Grant Hoff, Jared Klevgard, Kole Dorbor, Kyle Yoder

The project team implemented a web-based replacement for an older application used to manage and display fabrication roadmaps. A fabrication roadmap is used by Marvin associates working in production facilities to follow and track progress on steps in a fabrication process. The new system allows for better integration with existing systems and allows for future features to be built on top of it.

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Communication Harness

Team: Cayden Schmandt, Dylan Schaefer, Jared Maul, Jonathan Rivard, Seth Hexum

The project team has designed and implemented a communication harness that will facilitate a serial connection between a fuzzer developed by Medtronic and a pacemaker. This will allow for critical testing, to ensure a safe product.

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Microsoft and NDSU Ag

Crop Variety Trials Data Ingestion Tool

Team: Brian Friedt, Jordan Amberg, Landon Raph, Matheus Siqueira Souza, Shawn Switzer, Victoria Neustel

This year's Microsoft and NDSU Agriculture capstone project objective was to develop a web application that can store, catalog, and report data from crop variety trials. The project simplified the current challenge faced by NDSU Agriculture Plant Breeders and Researchers by effectively managing and analyzing the vast amount of complex crop variety trial data collected from Research Extension Centers across North Dakota. This will eliminate months of manual work that is currently required to complete these tasks.

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NAU Country

Area-Based Coverage Maps

Team: Delia Roisum, Katelyn Runsvold, Miranda Ryan, Wyatt Cuypers, Zak Ray Merrigan

The NAU Country Capstone Team designed and implemented a Web Application that displays area-based yield insurance maps to be used as a sales tool by agents. The team used RMA data from CSV files to create and regenerate the maps, as well as created a user-friendly application to access PDFs containing the map data.

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NDSU Mechanical Engineering

Equipment Logger

Team: Graham Rowland, Gregory Beauclair, Jace Weishaar, Jack Sherven, Matthew Haugrud

The project team designed an accessible website that users can access to check out equipment from NDSU's Mechanical Engineering department. The purpose of this project is to improve the usability of Mechanical Engineering equipment for NDSU students by providing an easy-to-use interface as well as significantly reducing the amount of time taken to collect data and compile reports for the financial office.

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NDSU Weed Science

Database Update

Team: Elijah Gray, Elijah Satrom, Joshua Ness, Matthew Hustings, Reed Fox

The project team designed and developed a new database structure as well as a web interface for the database for the weed science department. The team then migrated the existing weed and crop data from an access database to a more efficient and scalable postgres database which is linked to the web interface for quick and easy querying by the general public.

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Employee Productivity Tracker

Team: Alexis Schock, Franz Mendoza, Haley Specht, Jake Anderson, Suleka Abdi

Noridian, a healthcare solutions company, is looking for a cloud based application to track employee productivity. The project team designed a low-code PowerApp to track and log tasks employees complete throughout the day. The tracker connects to a cloud-hosted database to automatically generate reports using PowerBI.

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Ovative Group

Web App for A/B Testing Suite

Team: Blake Engrav, Cord Redding, James Hinks, Jordan Hove

The project team created a React-based web application to contain multiple statistic calculators and educational components that were previously housed in Excel spreadsheets. The goal of the project was to simplify the calculators for ease of use for varying levels of knowledge amongst users while providing a more clear way to input and output data from the calculators.

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Test Environment Data Sync

Team: Braedon Mittelstaedt, Gaven Nelson, Jake Collins, Kyle Stenberg, Ryan Liebsch

Scheels is an sporting goods and entertainment chain store headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota. We are working with them to create a user interface to update data on demand for the use of testing in their test environment. This project contains a front-end application that allows users to add tables to be synced, and then a backend process that will perform the syncing of our test environment.

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Automated Detection of Traffic Objects

Team: Ben Rybacki, Eric Kauffman, Isaac Landin, Sanjin Agic, Trey Dew

The Ulteig team has been hard at work developing a vision processing application that can identify traffic objects such as traffic lights, stop signs, and more. The application is hosted on the web, and it can either record video and identify objects in real-time or ingest pre-recorded video to perform identification. As the AI recognition model is working, it records an inventory of the identified objects and displays the results to the user. This product will save Utleig's survey drivers countless amounts of work hours by replacing their manual identification of traffic objects with an automated version.

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Western Sydney University

Good Day Safety App

Team: Austin Ehrmantraut, Ben Eskro, Kaylee Swenson, Matthew Wilson

The team's goal was to create and deliver an industry 5.0 application that would allow construction workers in Australia to anonymously report safety hazards that are observed by the individuals in their work locations. The project result is a mobile application that collects data in the form of a report from the workers. It utilizes a cloud-based infrastructure which allows for scalability and flexibility . The collected information is analyzed and interpreted in a webpage version of the application.

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Revamp Website

Team: Ahmad Gaal, Andrew Hurt, Ematcha Khan, Taryn Snyder, Trenton Sanford

This project's goal was to revamp the Zentalz website to focus exclusively on renting properties. This involved UX and UI improvements, upgrading deprecated software, and removing all content unrelated to renting.

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