2012 Projects

Architecture Technology Corporation

Autonomous Robotic Mapping

Project Details
ATC has been developing a multi-robot system designed to autonomously map the interiors of buildings. Multiple payloads have been developed and adapted to a number of different robots. The purpose of this project was for the team to develop a robot using different Kinect APIs (OpenKinect, Kinect for Windows SDK) in order to evaluate the performance and which works best with the Evolution Robitics ER1 robot.

Project Accomplishments

  • Created "wandering" behavior for our robot platform (ER1) using Kinect as sensor
  • Evaluated open-source 3D SLAM alternatives
    • Assesd out-of-the-box performance
    • Implemented performance enhancements
  • Integrated wander and 3D SLAM
  • Tested, evaluated, documented, recommended

Air Academy Associates

Online Test System Enhancements

Project Details
Air Academy Associates travel around the country to companies and provide training in a number of areas (Statistics, Six Sigma, etc.). Once a class is complete, they often administer an exam which has been in paper format in the past. The online testing system is supposed to help automate that process.

In this semester we did the following major enhancements:

  • Improving aesthetic appearance (fonts, colors, etc.) of screens
  • Enhancing reporting capabilities:
    • Reports identifying students who have been enrolled for exams (in addition to the current reports for student scores for those completing exams)
    • Ability to see a summary of exam details
  • Enhancing student (user) experience when taking an exam:
    • Increase speed when answering questions (address delay when recording answers and moving between question screens)
    • Address any errors with image displays, data files, etc.
  • Enhancing test setup capabilities
    • Ability to sort the display of all questions for a topic by the question ID number
    • Other improvements to aid test setup
  • Define specific test cases and complete thorough testing to ensure any discovered bugs or errors are fixed and the system is functional

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Bolder Thinking

Audio File Processing Solution

Project Details
The purpose of this project is to decouple the post-processing tasks that currently execute on the primary call handling servers, executing that task on secondary servers with job dispatching occurring via AMQP and RabbitMQ. This shifts call processing responsibilities from currently active resources to inactive resources, and allows the system to more effectively take on a greater workload.

Project Tasks

  • Modify the current call-processing code:
    • Instead of processing the two audio files into one and uploading it into S3, the call-processing will upload two audio files into S3, create a job file with the necessary information, and submit the job to a queue.
  • Deploy a system on n-secondary servers that will:
    • Query the queue for available jobs.
    • If a job is available, select it from the queue.
    • Process the job.
    • Send a notification that will be processed and mark the job as complete in the database.
    • Upload the resulting audio file to S3.


AG iPhone App

Project Details
Combridge PLC is an SAP consulting and development company. The internal time recording system used by the company was outdated and has an antiquated look and feel. Our team was tasked with building an iPhone application to sync data with a company's SAP modules using SOAP-based web services provided by the company's SAP.


  • Uses VPN services from COMbridge
  • Calandar and list views
  • Allows, addition, modification, and deletion of records
  • Can remember user name and password for a user
  • Client-side handling of SAP restrictions

Douglas Scientific

Data Analysis Tool

Project Details
Douglas Scientific is a company that specializes in high throughput laboratory automation using ArrayTape, a continuous polypropylene strip, embossed with reaction wells in customized volumes and formats. The company is in the process of developing software to analyze the results of SNP genotyping, but wants to expand the software into protein analysis. As part of this effort, our capstone team was tasked with implementing new algorithms and and developing a UI for protein analysis.


  • Import ArrayTape data
  • Export ELISA results
  • 4-paramater and 5-parameter logistic algorithms for control curves
  • Provides qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Ability to visualize well data


Flexmls iPhone Application

Project Details
FBS is a company involved in Real Estate and has provides multiple services such as flexmls Web (A multiple listing services software that provides property listings, contact management, sales statistics, etc.) and flexmls IDX for real estate agents and brokers. The company is looking to expand their business by creating an app store for real estate agents, brokers, MLSs, and agent customers. This app store will be powered by the same flexmls API used by the company's existing products. Our capstone team was tasked with creating a flexmls API client in Objective C for iOS and then using that client to develop a photo upload application for the iPhone.


  • Uses OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Uses Flexmls IDX and API to retrieve data
  • Allows posting of photos to listings from iPhone camera roll


OpenStack Cloud

Project Details

The current server provisioning at NDSU requires increased staffing in order to handle the influx of requests at the beginning of every semester. By using IBM's OpenStack project, some of these problems can be alleviated. As part of this project, the team needed to work with IT to understand the end users and provisioning requirements, use those requirements to design an OpenStack deployment architecture, and then validate that design.


  • System administrator tool
  • Provision virtual machines via dashboard web UI
  • Set up virtual classrooms to save on hardware and software costs
  • Virtual servers can be hosted for a fraction of normal overhead


Test Automation Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Project Details
The purpose of this project was to create a best practices guide to test components of Microsoft Dynamics AX using the Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Framwork. This guide is for use by partners who provide their own customizations of Dynamics AX.

In developing this guide, the team also created multiple sample tests to demonstrate the best practices that are described in the guide.


NDSU Computer Science Department

GeoSpacial Shape Viewer

Project Details
The GeoSpacial Shape Viewer project is designed to convert GIS ESRI shape files into KML files for an industry consortium project undertaken by several local businesses and the NDSU CS department as part of a grant for developing a "Smart Farm". The purpose of this project is to allow for data mining in precision agriculture by using satellite imagery to determine crop yields. Our capstone team worked on developing a web-based view for this data.


  • Upload and convert shape files from GIS programs
  • Provide web view for data
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Allows creation and combination of user-defined shapes and creation of KML files
  • Search for locations

NDSU Computer Science Department

Automatic Generation of Phone Friendly Content Layouts

Project Details
This project worked on creating a program to automatically generate phone-friendly layouts of information from existing web sites in order to provide mobile phone users with a more convenient way to browse data. The primary use of this application is to allow users to more conveniently view products on retail websites.

Layout Types:

  • Multi-page layout: Click to see product in more detail
  • Single page layout: Click to go to embedded detail at bottom of page
  • Collapse-expand layout: Expand information by clicking the + symbol
  • Thumbnail layout: Click an image to see a project in more detail
  • Bottom scroll layout: Click scrollable bottom area to see product detail

NDSU Computer Science Department

Program for Defect Estimation using Capture-Recapture Models

Project Details
The team developed a software tool used to produce estimations for the number of defects in a software artifact using capture-recapture models. A data matrix of inspectors and defects is fed into the tool and parameters can be adjusted to vary the number of inspectors used. This project incorporates the Care 2 Automation Anywhere tool in order to automate the process of analyzing the data.

National Information Solutions Cooperative

Project Details
NISC offers multi-site utility customers with advanced utility information through a utility bill pay service. This service provides users with cost tracking, utility information, and bill information via internet. Now NISC looks to offer more flexibility to users with the development of a Windows 8 Live Tile Application that would allow users quick and easy access to the most important utility information.

Product Features:

  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Upcoming Changes
  • EnergyStar
  • Search
  • Bill Information


Phoenix International

Shop Floor IT Health Checker

Project Details
The existing system used by the company had become overly complicated and Phoenix International needed a better solution for identifying and fixing failures on the shop floor. Additionally, there were troubles with routing this failure information to the correct department within their help desk.

The program developed by this project team is an application which checks for failures on machines, reports failures, and optionally provides suggested resolutions for certain issues.


  • Works on both Windows XP and Windows 7 machines
  • Detects several common faults
  • Automatically generates and sends reports to IT staff
  • Security settings to only allow use by certain users

RDO Equipment Co.

Call Data Logger

Project Details
RDO Equipment Co. is a large dealer for John Deere agriculture and construction equipment. Recently, John Deere announced that their customer call center would be transitioning to a dealer-only call center and that dealers should create their own call centers to support their customers. RDO has created a local call center in response to this and our team is assisting in this project by developing a customer help-desk assistent and call data logger.


  • Web application
  • Subscription management
  • Customer management and search
  • Problem recording and search
  • Solution recording and search
  • Roles-based feature access

Rockwell Collins

Linux File Synchronization Daemon

Project Details
Rockwell Collins is a company that deals in commerical avionics systems and provides communications technologies for the government. Many employees are constantly collaborating on projects and it is necessary for them to have up-to-date designs and documentation related to various projects. To solve this problem, our capstone team worked on developing a file system synchonrization daemon for the company.


  • Two-way sunch of home directories for specified users
  • Only sync changes (rather than whole files) to save badwidth
  • No user configuration required after set-up
  • Uses Rsync, Inotify, and SSH


Android Communication App

Project Details
Syntronic is a design house that works on both softare and hardware development, and the testing and maintenance of complex technical systems. The company strives to develop complete solutions, starting with ideas and ending with a complete system. As a result the company has multiple different projects and groups at any one time. The purpose of this project is to ease communication between members of a group, by indicating where members are located and providing multiple communication methods.


  • Text based chat uses Java sockets to avoid texting fees
  • Java servlets provide functionality to add and modify conversations
  • Uses session management protocol for multimedia
  • Produced SIP planning document for future groups to continue work

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Asset Management System

Project Details
The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute conducts independent research into transportation and regularly works with other organizations such as the North Dakota Department of Transportation. The inventory management system used by UGPTI was outdated, used an inconsistent interface, and would not run on Windows 7 or any 64-bit version of Windows.

This project involved taking three old programs that were used for inventory management, converting them to run on modern operating systems, and combining them into a single, stand-alone program. Additional time was spent to improve the overall design of the user interface in order to make it easier to navigate and to provide a more consistent experience for users.

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