2014 Projects

Bolder Thinking

Automated Call Testing

Project Details
The purpose of this project is to create an automated system that can handle two phone calls at the same time. The system runs using a SIP Simple SDK client which will run the test scenarios, while the test scenarios are previously made using YAML files. The scripts run and the output is recorded into a JSON file, allowing the testers to see the real-time data of the calls that are made.

Team: Nilmini DeSilva, Justin Hanson, Anthony Kulzer, and Jason Mellmer


Data Visualization Web Application

Project Details
In the fall of 2013 CNE asked NDSU to help develop a dynamic web application that would combine the functionality of three of their current programs.

During the Fall CNE worked with an NDSU Consortium team. Their main purpose was to accurately store and manipulate data that we, the Capstone group, could use. Some examples of this data include kilobytes per second transferred between two different endpoint IPs, date they were transferred, and different ports being used.

CNE asked us to create graphs that could display and store this data in real time on a website. This is being provided as a foundation that the Consortium group will be expanding on in the future.

During this semester our Capstone group developed a website that utilized Bootstrap. Bootstrap allows our site to be more compatible across multiple browsers and different screen resolutions.

After creating a log in system using javascript, html, css, and PHP, we started to develop graphs using jquery and PHP. These graphs are able to display data with the aid of Flot Charts. Using Flot Charts we created multiple graphs that displayed different data which updated in real time on the website.

Future teams working with CNE will be implementing features such as setting alarms for when their customers meet certain bandwidth limitations, sending out emails to these customers, and tracking the ping and latency throughout the network. Our group was able to create a nice baseline for the website and graphs that future teams will be able to work off of.


Content Management System

Project Details
FlexMLS is a web system created by FBS for real estate multiple listing services. Currently, the help documentation system within FlexMLS is simply a collection of statically defined HTML pages. The goal of this project was to research and find a Content Management System (CMS) that would be able to help FBS organize and update their help documentation files in a fast and easy way. After looking into the features of several Rails-based systems, the group decided that RefineryCMS was the best choice. We then implemented several features to enhance the overall experience of Refinery and the help documentation system.


  • Integrated OAuth 2.0 authorization protocols into the login functionality
  • Support for shared user accounts between Refinery and FBS
  • Script for quickly importing large collections of HTML documents into Refinery
  • Implemented search functionality on both the front and back end

Team: Kristian Lien, Ryan Matzke, Akshat Sharma, and Zachary Voels


Gerrit Powered OpenStack Meetings

Project Details
OpenStack is an open source platform for public and private clouds managed by OpenStack Foundation. The OpenStack community communicates via irc channels; meetings are held on specific channels as well. Currently, there are over fifty meetings that are manually updated and managed on the OpenStack wiki. The goal of our project is to integrate meeting updates into already existing OpenStack process:

  • Each meeting is represented as a YAML file
  • Users will modifies the contents of the YAML file and push to Gerrit as code reviews
  • Other members and approve and disapprove the changes
  • Upon approval, the changes will be merged into the code base

Some features from our project includes:

  • Converting YAML files to iCalendar files for import
  • Check for conflicts when a user push their changes for review
  • Read a file containing meeting names to test for conflicts


Cross-Application Timesheet

Project Details
Inwerken is an SAP Partner which creates solutions for Small and Medium sized Enterprise companies using SAP software. They've worked with many companies in various industries, including Volkswagen. Inwerken focuses on comprehensive system implementation for companies all over the globe.

  • View records in a Monthly View which shows a calendar of dates to choose from.
  • Create new time records
  • Modify existing records
  • Delete existing records
  • Split records into multiple records
  • Mass edit existing records
  • View a Project View which shows a list of projects worked on and time totals based on a period of time

John Deere

Ethernet Visualizer

Project Details
The Ethernet Visualizer application allows the user to view data being received from an inverter or other Ethernet enabled device that complies with the UDP packet structure it expects.


  • Simplifies testing by providing a tool that gives uniform visual representations of data
  • Easier to maintain and update than previous applications such as LABview, which uses a visual programming language
  • Flexible and elegant code allows for future modification and further implementation

Business Applications:

  • Displays a visual representation of signal levels from an external electrical system
  • Provides an easy to use graphical user interface
  • Valuable in the development and testing of electrical systems and motors
  • Can be readily ported to other devices in future development

Data Flow Diagram

The power inverter outputs diagnostic data to the controller board. The board then relays the information over Ethernet to our application. Our application then interprets and displays the data.

Team: Jordan Van Sickle, Rachel Larson, and Jaden Van Eckhout


Bison Tracker Facebook App

Project Details
An app for Bison fans, about Bison fans.We built an interactive map with custom overlays (heat map, friend locator, game icons, and animated geodesic curves) for fans to explore that would generate a tangible picture of the university's fanbase; allow fans to connect, explore, and discover with one another; and supply a map that is self-contained, showing vivid animations and symbols. Users can interact with friends by sharing, inviting, and competition via Guess the Score.

National Information Solutions Cooperative

Billing Web App

Project Details
NISC offers multi-site utility customers with advanced utility information through a utility bill pay service. This service provides users with cost tracking, utility information, and bill information via internet. NISC now wants to upgrade its old Ubp Web App and wants to give it a fresh new look with the capability of running it over any screen resolution or platform along with some new features. That's where this team took control of and created a Google Webtools-HTML5 Web Application with Bootstrap 3.0.


  • Secure Log-In for NiSC Employers
  • Responsive User-Interface for any screen size in market
  • Pop-Up calculator
  • In-Built Pdf Reader for Bill Images

Rockwell Collins

Avionics Parameter Broadcast Simulator

Project Details
Rockwell Collins just aquired a new technology (ARINC 834 ADBP) and would like to be able to show how the technology works and be able to sell it to new customers. Our solution was to develop a reusable simulator to allow the broadcast of avionics parameters using the ARINC 834 ADBP protocol and to develop a Flight Bag that receives the avionics parameters and shows real time data.

Team: Steven Buringrud, Matthew Franzen, Blake Pester, Justin Riendeau,and Carey Wilson

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Traffic Analysis Tool

Project Details
Cameras collect raw traffic data and a traffic analysis tool exists, however, it is not automated and runs in Java. The program is also outdated. A new traffic automated analysis tool was needed with more customized reports, accompanying SQL database, a web application in HTML5. A long-term broader scope solution was needed, as application in Grand Forks was short-term. Our solution was to make a new traffic analysis program using more current/flexible technologies including; C#/ASP.NET, HTML5, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, SAS Crystal Reports, jQuery 1.10.4, Obout Suite, Ajaxified.  Our automated solution was to put data into database automatically, dynamic programming that works with differently formatted files, and creates reports from user specifications.

Valley Express

Email Processing System

Project Details
Valley Express is a nationwide freight company specializing in temperature control shipments, managing a fleet of more than 130 units. Our project receives emails from valley Express's Outlook server and stores them in a database to be processed by an algorithm currently in development by the NDSU Industry Consortium.

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