2021 Projects

Architecture Technology Corporation

Tactical Router

Team: Daniel Willenbring, Michael Leeseberg, Damien Danelson, Jacob Graupmann, and Andrew Wickoren


AGREE Plugin

Team:  Ansley Schug, Charles Kanoy, Jeremy Rylicki, and Riley Abrahamson

Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND

Onboarding Automation

Team: Sophie Noel, Lacey Yepma, Spencer Fjelstad, and Logan Steffen


Heath Check UI

Team: Nathan De La Garza, Alex Leska, Dylan Martie, Grace Haugen, and James Suhon

NDSU Cow Herd Appraisal of Performance Software

Cattle Management System

Citizen Science Aerial Image Aggregation

CCAST Integration

Team: Chris Antholz, Ben Harvey, Zach Kunz, and Caleb Olson

Collins Aerospace

Flight Player


Connecting Microsoft Teams with SAP

John Deere

Python Library

Team: Jack Law, Jarod Smith, Leo Wilczek, Sam Penney, and Jeff Hanson


Real Time Data Dashboard

Team: Jordon Brainard, Ballav Siwakoti, Khurshid Kurbanov, and Emily Budke


Data Pipeline

Team: Carter DeWolfe, Carter Bumby, Brandon Young, and Andrew Bergerson

NAU County

Crop Coverage Map

Team: Sydney Boschert, Matthew Tassava, and Samuel Wolf

NDSU Computer Science Department

Blender Render Farm

Project Details
Application for distributed rendering of Blender animations.

Team: Justin Slater, Tyler Hagert, Elizabeth Hurteau, Jacob Smith, and Beau Stensgard




Individual Vehicle Tracking App


Item Redistribution Website


Store and Employee Managing App

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Virtual Roadway Image Capture

Team:  Alison Gonser, Connor Wendolek, Hunter White, and Peter Fraser

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