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December 2021: Issue 3

Welcome to issue three of the NDSU Computer Science Capstone newsletter for the 2021-22 schoo year. Class registration has happened, and the project descriptions are coming in. Currently, we have good alignment between the planned projects and the number of students in the class.

Here are a few key upcoming dates:

  • January 10th – Class starts
  • January 24th – Project kick-off

The project bidding process and project team selection takes place during the first two weeks of class. Here’s an overview of how that is planned for this year. During the first week, the students will get a brief overview of each project by me and will have access to the project definition PowerPoints that you provide. This is where a video from you can really help your project stand out. I won’t be able to pitch your project as well as you can, so consider pitching it yourself! Doing so is easy, just submit a three-minute video to me by January 7th. At the end of the first week, the students provide the following input on the projects: · In priority order, each student identifies three projects they prefer to work on. They also can provide rationale for their selection. · The students also get to identify one project they don’t want to work on. Then the work starts for me. I will work through these inputs and map students into projects. The goal, of course, is to maximize preferred projects assignments and avoid undesired projects. If all goes well, the students will be notified of their assignments early in the second week of class. Once the students have assignments, the next step is some coaching on how to engage with you in the first meeting and beyond. This will also happen in the second week of class, and you can expect the project team to reach out to you on or before the start of the third week on January 24th. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions.


I’m excited to have the students start working on the projects that you have identified for this year. All projects for this year come from “repeat clients”. As with any organization, repeat business is a good thing! Thank you for your continued support of the program. The projects come from companies of a variety of industries, regions, and sizes. Here are a few charts to give you a feel for this year’s group (all data is sourced from company information on LinkedIn)


I am working to align the project proposal and legal process with other departments in the College of Engineering. There will be a couple more steps this year and you should expect an email from me soon if you have a project this year. Beside the project logistics, the month of December will be working with the 2022 project sponsors to set up the projects for success. In the next newsletter in early January, I will share the Capstone engagement model that I will be coaching them on when class starts.


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