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September 2022: Issue 01

Welcome to the first issue of the NDSU Computer Science Capstone newsletter for the 2022-23 school year.  It’s great to be back on campus and I’m looking forward to another interesting and successful year of Capstone projects.

Here are a few key recent and upcoming dates:

  • October 15 – Completion date for the planning survey.
  • November 15 – Completion date for the project draft survey.

Fall is the time for Capstone project planning! There will be some tweaks this year as I continue to optimize the planning process.  Here are the three phases that we will work through.

Initial Plan Phase – Oct 1-15
In the Initial Plan Phase, I will send an email with a survey link to the primary contact for each company on the Capstone list.  The goal of the survey will be to learn which companies are considering sponsoring a project for Spring 2023.  

The primary contact is typically a resource manager at the company and often not the person(s) who will lead the actual project.

There will also be an opportunity to request a meeting with me to learn more about Capstone or discuss particulars about the 2023 class.

Project Draft Phase – Nov 1-15
The companies that responded with a ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe’ to the question about sponsoring a project in the Initial Plan Phase will be asked to provide a draft description of a project.  In addition to the description, there will be questions about the type of project and other inputs to the planning process.  This will again be done with a survey sent to the primary contact.

Project Finalization Phase – Dec 1-15
After evaluating project proposals and getting input on the student count, I’ll come up with a prioritized list of projects for the class.  The projects and companies that make the cut will be asked to provide more detail on the project and a pitch deck and/or recording.  The exact count of the projects required can’t be finalized until I get the final student count in January, but I will plan to have a minimum number of required projects plus a small number of optional projects if enrollment is higher than expected.


We had a few ‘firsts’ in 2022, including the first time participating in the College of Engineering Spring Senior Design Expo, the first multi-discipline project, and the first in-class panel of industry experts discussing startup companies.  It was a successful year overall as the student and sponsor feedback on the projects was strong (more on that in a future newsletter).

What I wanted to share in this newsletter is a couple of videos that were created from footage done at the expo.  Hearing students talk about the value they got from working with sponsors like yourself is rewarding, check out the videos below

If you’re interested in learning about the projects done last year, each team created a short written summary and a three minute video about their project.  These can be found at 2022 Projects | Computer Science | NDSU.


I spent a couple of hours at the NDSU fall career fair at the Fargo Dome last week talking with prospective employers like yourselves.  It was busy event with a strong showing of companies looking for software developers – startups, mid-size companies that are expanding, and large companies looking to digitally transform.

My favorite part was talking with recent NDSU alumni that were there representing their companies and recruiting more quality NDSU graduates.  Capstone plays a unique role in developing those graduates AND building the relationships with companies that hire from NDSU.  Thank you for being an integral part of the Capstone experience

I’m looking forward to getting started on the 2023 projects!  Please drop me a note at if you have any questions.


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