2020 Projects


Automated analysis on dimensions of variability

Team:  Ariel Sievers, Kaleb Burnham


Intelligent Routing of Security Incidents


Gauge Monitoring System

Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND

Security Analysis and Report Generator


Website update to Drupal

Team: Riley Benson and Carrie Mannila

Border State

Mobile App for eCommerce Site

Team: Keenan Kaufman, Fletcher Fick, and Colin Yagow


Spatial Awareness for Drones

Team: Tien Pham, Travis King, Chandler Ramsdell, and Alexander Zink


Health Check Service Project

Team: Ben Alberston, Isaac Flage, Samuel Silverberg, and Siqing Zheng


Customer Q&A Application


Google Maps Playback of Flight Information

Team: Spencer Marchus, Andrew Gabler, Nicholas Solem, Mathew Vollan


Augmented Reality System to Recognize IoT Devices and Visualize Status

Team: Wyatt Bloom, Alexander Lepper, Riley Moore, Ethan Nelson, and Samuel Patten

John Deere

Standardized Metrics Reporting and Storage

Marvin Windows

Factory Machine Management System


Power BI Accelerator for Microsoft Farm Beats

Team: Jack Morris, Henry Brewster, Matthew Brock, and Zachary Miller

NAU Country

iOS Calibration Record Assistant

Team: Michael Footitt, Nathan Marcotte, Matthew Martin, and Robert Ryden


Automated Error Tracking and Analysis

Team: Devin Hasses, Tanner Nystrom, Trevor Knutson, and William Fleck


Update Load Balancing (Octavia) Features

Team: Dawson Coleman, Luke Tollefson, Steven Glasford, and Noah Mickus

Pedigree Technologies

Improved/Automated Login to Electronic Logging Devices for Commercial Vehicles

Team: Michael Kasper, Brian Jackson, Jacob Bellemare, and Jake Wideseth

TBD (Deakin)

Web-based Project Management and Control Portal

Team: Abew Ajang, Steven Karschnia, Bego Muminovic, Dante Norris, and Josh Williamson

Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Autonomous Roadway Image Capture

Team: Gerald Mbanu, Jennifer Bakken, Christopher Hass, and Tristan Anderson

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