Registering for Classes

Common Registration Topics


Spring Appointment Times

Appointment times (when assigned) can be found in Campus Connection's 'Student Center'. Locate the 'Enrollment Dates' box on the right side and select 'details'.  This is where specific appointment start times can be found.

Student Classification Appointment Dates Start Time
GRAD Appointments November 1-2 8:00 AM, Monday
GRAD Open Enrollment November 3 12:00 AM, Wednesday
P4 November 1 8:00 AM, Monday
P3 November 1 1:00 PM, Monday
P2 November 2 8:00 AM, Tuesday
P1 November 2 1:00 PM, Tuesday
PROF Open Enrollment November 22 12:00 AM, Monday
Seniors (90+ credits) November 1-3 8:00 AM, Monday
Juniors (60-89 credits) November 4-9 8:00 AM, Thursday
Sophomores (27-59 credits) November 10-15 8:00 AM, Wednesday
Freshman (0-26 credits) November 16-22 8:00 AM, Tuesday
UGRD Open Enrollment November 22 12:00 AM, Monday

Register for Classes with Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is an option in Campus Connection that students can use to find an ideal class schedule. Students are able to select classes based on General Education categories, schedule in breaks for work or athletic practice, and visually compare options that are generated.

Simply log into Campus Connection and locate the Schedule Planner link under Academics. A helpful video tutorial has been created to guide students through Schedule Planner.

Changing your Schedule

  • Add Classes
  • Drop Classes
  • Swap Classes
  • Audit and Pass/Fail Options - Campus Connection does not process these options. Students must bring the appropriate forms to the Office of Registration and Records
    • Audit requests must be accompanied by a permit indicating that the course is to be taken for audit
    • Pass/Fail requests must be accompanied by the Pass/Fail Form

    Once an audit or pass/fail request has been processed it CAN NOT be reversed; therefore, please check program requirements carefully

Common Enrollment Errors

  • Hold on record
  • Requires department consent
  • Missing co/pre-requisites
    • Requisites are required by the department and must be taken
    • Transfer students who have taken the course at a previous institution, contact the Office of Registration and Records


  • Waitlists run once daily at approximately 11:00 PM CST until the night before the no-record drop deadline (approximately 7 days into the semester).  After that date, the waitlist function is not used.
  • Students are notified via official NDSU email when added to a course via the waitlist. If a student no longer wishes to be enrolled in a waitlisted course, the student is responsible for dropping the course according to posted dates and deadlines.
  • To drop from the waitlist, utilize the Drop function in Campus Connection.
  • Not all departments utilize the waitlist option for courses.
  • A student may be bypassed on the waitlist because of:
    • Missing prerequisite
    • Time conflict
    • Additional class would exceed the maximum credit load

Credit Load

Student Classification   Semester Maximum Credit Load
    Fall 15
    Spring 15
    Summer 9
    Fall 20
    Spring 20
    Summer 15

Graduate students who wishes to exceed this limit must contact the the College of Graduate School and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Undergraduate students who wishes to exceed this limit must have a 3.0 GPA and submit a Petition to Enroll in More Than 20 Credits with their adviser's approval.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for following through on registration procedures.  Once registered, if the student decides not to attend NDSU, the student is obligated to terminate registration by cancelling registration or completing withdrawal procedures.

Students are responsible to be aware of all dates and deadlines associated with registration and finances.

Permissions & Permits

Courses may require permission to enroll.  Contact the department offering the class or the instructor.

If requested before the last day to add classes in Campus Connection, departments may issue an electronic permission.  After that date, the department or instructor can issue a paper permit to the student which is processed at One Stop or the Office of Registration and Records.

Project 65

People aged 65 or over may audit one course per semester free of tuition and fees.  Students are responsible, however, for any extraneous course related fees.

1. Apply for admission to the University with the Office of Admission.  A $35 one-time application fee will be assessed. 

2. Contact the academic department of the course the student would like to enroll in to obtain an audit class permit.

3.  Submit the class permit to the Office of Registration and Records for processing.

Continuing Education

Registration for continuing education courses is coordinated by the Office of Teaching and Learning.