North Dakota Student Wellness and Perception Survey

The North Dakota Student Wellness and Perception Survey (NDSWAPS) was developed to provide an insight into the current well-being of North Dakota College Students, ranging from their experiences using alcohol / other drugs to mental health symptomology and unwanted sexual experiences. The aim of gathering data through NDSWAPS is to inform and develop prevention and intervention efforts specific to students in North Dakota, in addition to students on each institutions campus, within the North Dakota University System.

2020 North Dakota State University Institutional Report (NDSWAPS)

2018 North Dakota State University Institutional Report (NDSWAPS)

2016 NDSU Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Survey

The North Dakota Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Survey (formerly CORE Alcohol and Other Drug Survey) was developed to measure alcohol and other drug usage and related consequences among students attending two and four year institutions in the North Dakota University System.  The survey is administered to students at North Dakota State University in an attempt to measure drinking and drug use behaviors, as well negative consequences related to alcohol and other drug use among students. 

2016 NDSU ATOD Summary Highlights

  • Fewer students are experiencing negative consequences related to alcohol and drug misuse. In fact, the percentage of students ‘driving under the influence,’ missing a class, ‘performing poorly on a test or project,’ or ‘getting into an argument or fight,’ or experiencing a hangover were reported at the lowest rates ever.
  • Though there were substantial reductions in binge drinking and underage alcohol use rates, alcohol continues to be the leading drug used and misused by students. However, for those who consumed alcohol within the past year, binge drinking rates are over 50% for underage and over 60% for of-age students. The average intensity of drinking within these groups has not decreased and represents a need to continue to address excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Marijuana use rates flat-lined and remain below the national averages. Our data show students who regularly use marijuana (at least monthly) also use alcohol in high-risk ways and experience more alcohol and other drug-related harms.
  • More students know about NDSU’s alcohol and other drug prevention programs (68.6%) and report being actively involved in these prevention efforts (13.6%, up from 10.8% reported in 2014) than ever before. Increased, visible promotion of these effort can support further growth in this student involvement.
NDSU ATOD Survey Information

NDSU's ATOD Survey assesses the nature, scope and consequences of alcohol and other drug use. The survey was modeled after a similar format used by the CORE Institute, which is a program of the Student Health Center at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The Survey has been administered nationally every year since it was first developed in 1989. The survey has been shown to have high content validity, construct validity and test reliability. More detailed information regarding the reliability and validity of the survey instrument can be obtained from the CORE Institute’s website.

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