Community of Respect

The objective of the Community of Respect seminars are to teach individual participants about cultural differences and to encourage them to think critically about the impact of their cultural values in their relationships with others. The curriculum is organized into four separate modules with distinct learning outcomes outlined in each.

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Module 1: Cultural and Cultural Diversity is a self awareness learning experience that explores the fact that everyone has cultural values. The learning outcomes of Module 1 will lead participants to:

  • Identify their own culture
  • Be able to articulate how their culture differs from others
  • Understand the trouble with stereotypes
  • Learn about how to overcome unconscious bias. 

Module 2: Redefining Diversity is an interactive session that focuses on three primary learning outcomes: 

  • Increasing awareness of one's unconscious biases
  • Looking at diversity through a new lens
  • Exploring one's own identity through self-reflection.

Module 3: Microaggressions is focused on the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding microaggressions and their impact
  • Relating personal experiences about microaggressions
  • Recognizing and addressing microaggressions.

Module 4: Confronting Bias addresses the ways in which people can positively confront bias when they see it, including:

  • Bystander effect
  • How to be an Upstander
  • Examples and scenarios for being an Upstander.

When there are training opportunities available, you can Register Here

Module 1June 14, 20231-3pmZoom
Module 2June 21, 20231-3pmZoom
Module 3June 28, 20231-3pmZoom
Module 4July 5, 20231-3pmZoom

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