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Economically Important and Common Moths

Achemon sphinx  

Fall webworm 

Saltmarsh caterpillar 

Ailanthus webworm 


Smeared dagger moth 

Alfalfa looper 

Flax bollworm 

Southwestern pine tip moth 

Alfalfa webworm 

Forage looper 

Speckled green fruitworm 

American dagger moth 

Forest tent caterpillar

Spotted tussock moth 

Angoumois grain moth 

Four-horned caterpillar 

Spring cankerworm 

Army cutworm 

Fruit tree leafroller 

Spruce budworm 


Garden webworm 

Spruce needleminer 

Artichoke plume moth 

Glassy cutworm 

Spurge hawkmoth 

Ash borer 

Grape leafroller 

Squash vine borer 

Banded sunflower moth 

Grape plume moth 

Stalk borer 

Beet webworm 

Great ash sphinx 

Striped cutworm 

Beet armyworm 

Greater wax moth 

Sunflower bud moth 

Bertha armyworm 

Green cloverworm 

Sunflower moth 

Bidens borer 

Greenhouse leaftier 

Sweetclover root borer 

Blackberry skeletonizer 

Hog sphinx 

Three-lined leafroller 

Black army-cutworm 

Hop looper 

Tobacco budworm 

Black cutworm 

Indian meal moth 

Tobacco hornworm

Black witch 

Io moth 

Tomato fruitworm 


Jack pine budworm 

Tomato hornworm 

Boxelder leaf miner 

Lappet moth 

Tufted apple bud moth 

Boxelder twig borer 

Large aspen tortrix 

Ugly-nest caterpillar 

Bristly cutworm 

Leaf crumpler 

Unicorn caterpillar 

Bronzed cutworm 

Lesser peach tree borer 

Vagabond sod webworm 

Cabbage looper 

Lilac borer 

Variable oakleaf caterpillar 


Linden looper 

Variegated cutworm 

Carpet moth 

Lined stalk borer 

Verbena bud moth 

Case-making cloths moth 

Locust tree borer 

Virginia creeper sphinx 

Cecropia moth 

Locust twig borer 

Walnut caterpillar 

Celery leaftier 

Luna moth 

Walnut sphinx 

Celery looper 

Meal moth 

Webbing clothes moth 

Chain-spotted geometer 

Mediterranean flour moth 

Webbing cone worm 

Chickweed geometer 

Mourning glory leafminer 

W[ell]-marked cutworm 

Clover cutworm 

Nantucket pine tip moth 

Western bean cutworm 

Clover hayworm 

Oak leafroller 

Western pine tip moth 

Clover head caterpillar 

Oak leaftier 

Western spruce budworm 

Clover looper 

Oblique-banded leafroller 

 Rocky Mt. W-marked cutworm

Codling moth 

Orange-humped mapleworm 

Western tent caterpillar

Columbine borer 

Orange mint moth 

Wheat head armyworm

Corn earworm 

Pale tussock moth 

White cutworm

Cotton leafworm 

Pale western cutworm 

White-lined sphinx

Cottonwood dagger moth 


White-marked tussock moth

Cottonwood twig borer 

Pandora moth 


Cranberry girdler 

Pecan leaf casebearer 

Yellow-necked caterpillar

Currant borer 

Pepper-and-salt moth 

Yellow-striped armyworm

Currant spanworm 

Pine needle sheathminer 

Yellow woollybear

Dark-sided cutworm 

Polyphemus moth 

Zebra caterpillar

Diamondback moth 

Poplar tentmaker 

Zimmerman pine moth

Eastern tent caterpillar 

Ragweed borer 


Eight-spotted forester moth 

Red-backed cutworm 


Elm spanworm 

Red-banded leafroller 


Elm sphinx 

Red-humped caterpillar 


European corn borer 

Rice stalk borer 


Fall cankerworm 

Saddled prominent 







Last updated: 04/14/09

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