Out of State Travel Authorization

NDSU Policy 515, part 3, requires each employee to have their out-of-state trips pre-approved by their immediate supervisor.    Since the primary intent of the pre-approval is to avoid reimbursement issues between the employee and the department administration, the Accounting Office and Grant & Contract Accounting Office will consider the department’s approval of the travel reimbursement voucher, or on-line expense report, to be sufficient proof that the pre-approval requirement was met in the department.  Departments may retain any documentation of the pre-approval as it will not be needed for policy compliance by the central accounting offices.  The department’s approval on the travel reimbursement forms will indicate that pre-approval arrangements were satisfactory.

The language in the NDSU Policy 515, part 3, that reads “Prior approval is to be obtained by using the Travel Authorization – Out-of-State form.”  is only intended to indicate to the campus that there is a form available for the purpose of pre-approving out-of-state travel.  But again, the department’s approval on the travel reimbursement forms will be sufficient proof of compliance with this policy.


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