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Equipment and Capabilities


Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

Cytoflex S flow cytometer 

Cytoflex SRT cell sorter 


Automated Liquid Handling 

Echo 525 Acoustic liquid handler

Opentrons OT-2


Next Generation Sequencing




High-throughput Bacterial Isolation 



Digital PCR

QIAcuity Four


Multimode Microplate Readers

Cytation 5

Synergy HT




High-throughput Growth Curve Reader 

LogPhase 600


General Molecular Biology Equipment

Tapestation Bioanalyzer

Covaris M220 focused ultrasonicator

NanoDrop One


Azure gel imager

Electrophoresis gel rigs

Variety of centrifuges

Real-time and traditional thermocyclers

Ultrapure lab water system


Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction



Cold storage

-80 freezers, -20 freezers, cold room, liquid nitrogen



Olympus BX53 imaging system

Cytation 5 microplate imager


Biological Safety Cabinets and Fume Hoods

Available Equipment

Molecular BiologyCostUnit
Biorad CFX96 and CFX384 real-time PCR$20Run
QIAcuity Four Digital PCR$40Plate
TapeStation Bioanalyzer$13Scan
DS1000 Tape$5.50Sample/Lane
Illumina MiniSeq$150Run
Illumina MiSeq$175Run
Cell Analysis and ImagingCostUnit
Olympus Microscope$15Hour
Biotek Cytation 5$25Hour
Cytoflex S flow cytometer (without support)$50Hour
Cytoflex S flow cytometer (with support)$80Hour
Microplate ReadersCostUnit
Biotek Synergy HT and Biotek Cytation 5$13Scan
Biotek Synergy HT and Biotek Cytation 5$3Scan (additional plate)
Biotek Synergy HT and Biotek Cytation 5$50Growth Curve (off peak hours*)
Biotek Synergy HT and Biotek Cytation 5$100Growth Curve (peak hours*)
OT-2 Liquid Handling Robot$20Hour
Liquid N$2Liter
Concentrating pipette$25Hour
Shandon Cytospin II$25Hour
Covaris M220 Focused Ultrasonicator$20Sample
Staining Equipment (jars, racks, slide, dryer/fume hood)$20Hour

* Peak hours are 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday. Offpeak hours are any time outside of that. 

Hand holding a microcentrifuge tube next to the microcentrifuge equipment. There is a tray for the tubes next to the equipment as well.
Photo Credit:
Scott Hoselton