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Biotech Innovation Core

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Person working in a microbiology lab

Welcome to the Biotech Innovation Core!   

Our Biosafety Level 2 core facility supports NDSU researchers, industry partners, and government labs. We are uniquely positioned to drive innovation in the research community through cutting edge equipment and expertise for molecular biology, next generation sequencing, flow cytometry, cell sorting and isolation, high throughput culturomics, and imaging.  With over 35 years of research experience, our Director, Scott Hoselton, and Research Specialist, Kaycie Schmidt, provide comprehensive training and consultation, covering everything from experimental design to data analysis. Gain access to our facilities and a wide range of equipment as a fee-for-use core member. If you prefer hands-off involvement, we offer fee-for-service options and regularly undertake custom projects.  

Whether you're a seasoned scientist, aspiring entrepreneur, or curious student, our core is your partner in discovery and innovation. Join us in pushing the boundaries of biotechnology and microbiology, turning ideas into impactful solutions! 

We strive to make advanced biotechnology tools accessible to all researchers. For any questions or additional information, please get in touch with us at