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High Throughput and Automation

Photo of an Echo 525

Acoustic Liquid Handler

The Echo 525 Liquid Handler is tailored specifically for rapid acoustic transfers of biochemical and genomics reagents. Using acoustic energy, this cutting-edge instrument facilitates highly precise and accurate liquid transfers at volumes as low as 25 nanoliters. It enables assay miniaturization and accelerating protocol development up to 100 times faster than traditional liquid handlers. 


Photo of an isolation bio prospector

Automated Bacterial Isolation

The Prospector system is a high-throughput method for bacterial isolation and cultivation from environmental samples.  This innovative technology segregates individual microbes into over 6000 nanoscale cultivation chambers, allowing for the concurrent growth of thousands of micro-colonies on a chip the size of a microscope slide. It then automatically selects and transfers single isolates into a standard multi-well plate.

Photo of an Opentrons OT-2

OT-2 Liquid Handling Robot

This robot is capable of automating a variety of liquid handling processes.  We routinely use it to automate NGS library clean up. In-house accessories currently include two 8-channel pipettes (P300 and P20), a single channel P20 pipette, on-board thermocycler, magnet, and heating/cooling blocks that hold a variety of tube sizes.   

Cytation 5 Multi-modal Microplate Reader and Imaging System

Imaging Multimode Plate Reader

The Cytation 5 is a highly versatile plate reader and Imaging system built into one compact unit. The plate reader is capable of handling any format micro well plate (1-384+ wells). Absorbance, Fluorescence and Chemiluminescence can be measured at virtually any wavelength (no filters or filter cubes used). Additionally, specialized features allow for advanced options such as incubating at a set temperature, plate agitation, kinetic reading and well monitoring to list a few.

However, the most impressive part….you can take images during any of these processes. This reader is equipped with brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence imaging capabilities and analysis that can all be automated to fit your assay. This unit can also image standard slides and serve as a slide scanner to archive and share data.

Photo of a Biotek LogPhase 600

High Throughput Bacterial Growth Curves

The Biotek LogPhase 600 plate reader is specifically designed for performing bacterial growth curves at a fixed wavelength of 600nm.  Capable of holding up to 4-96 well plates per run, this reader has temperature control and sample shaking that are optimized for optimum bacterial growth.  A customized, app-based user interface simplifies setup and analysis into just a few easy steps.