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Biotechnology and Microbiology Club


Join the NDSU Biotechnology and Microbiology Club, an undergraduate student organization designed to unite students with a shared passion for microbiology and biotechnology. More than just a club, we are a vibrant community of future leaders and trailblazers in these fields, dedicated to empowering students and illuminating exciting career pathways. 


Here's what you can expect from our club

Educational Enrichment 

  1. Engaging Guest Lecturers: Benefit from insights shared by esteemed NDSU faculty members and driven graduate students to pioneering leaders in the biotechnology industry and researchers pushing the boundaries of science. 

  1. Collaborative Study Groups: Enhance your learning through collaborative study sessions with fellow undergraduates, fostering a supportive and engaging academic environment. 

  1. Career Exploration: Embark on enlightening tours of diverse industry sectors, including visits to the veterinary diagnostic laboratory, breweries, and local biotechnology companies. 

Professional Development 

  1. Research Support: Receive guidance on identifying research opportunities in the Fargo-Moorhead area in many different research areas such as genetics, bioinformatics, agricultural, clinical, and in molecular biology. 

  1. Presentation Preparation: Participate in NDSU Explore, an annual event where undergraduates showcase their research through posters and have a chance to win prizes. Our club hosts preparatory sessions where you can refine your presentation skills and receive constructive feedback. 

  1. Networking Opportunities: Broaden your professional circle by connecting with industry leaders and accomplished professors. 

  1. Insightful Panels: Gain valuable insights into career pathways through panels featuring graduate students and professionals. This interactive format allows for diverse perspectives and firsthand knowledge sharing. 

Internal Development 

  1. Inclusive Community: At the heart of our club is a commitment to fostering inclusivity, ensuring every member feels supported and valued. 

  1. Peer Advice and Mentoring: Benefit from a diverse array of perspectives and experiences within our club. Whether it's advice on research, course selections, or networking, our members are here to support your journey. 


Join us at the NDSU Biotechnology and Microbiology Club, where you'll not only expand your knowledge and skills but also make lasting connections with your peers. Be part of a dynamic community shaping the future of microbiology and biotechnology! 

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