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Barney Geddes

We host and mentor NDSU’s inaugural iGEM (international genetically engineered machine) team as of the 2021 competition year. The iGEM Competition ( is an undergraduate, high school and graduate focused world-wide synthetic biology event. Teams design and execute their own research project and present their results at an annual jamboree in the fall.  


Team NDSU won a bronze medal for their project engineering a microbe-based protection of soybeans from the pathogen Rhizoctinia Solanii . Check out the 2021 team website for more information! 


For more information on the 2022 team follow ndsu_gec on Instagram. For info about joining, contact president Mia Haugan at

Group photo of the iGEM organization
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Barney Geddes

Plant the Moon 

We work with local high-schools to participate in the national Plant the Moon Competition 

Last year we partnered with teacher Molly Werner at Fargo Davies to investigate if nitrogen-fixing bacteria can support pea grown in martian and lunar regolith simulant. The teams won Best of Show awards in the Fall 2021 competition for Experimental Design and Innovation! Click here to read more!

We are planning to partner with more schools in Fall 2022, so if you are interested please get in touch!

Group photo of Plant the Moon group 2021
Photo Credit:
Barney Geddes