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Future Students

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Microbiology student in greenhouse

You're here for a reason. You are interested in science, and you want to be sure that NDSU is the right fit for you. Let us introduce ourselves and show you what we're all about. 

  • NDSU offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program for undergraduates, as well as two graduate programs (Master of Science and Ph.D.).  

  • Our faculty and staff have a wide variety of expertise, from livestock vaccination, infectious disease, antimicrobial resistance, microbiome exploration of humans, plants, soils, and animals, to science education in microbiology.  

  • We collaborate across disciplines and outside NDSU with interest groups from all types of industries 

  • We offer enriching research experiences for all our students (undergraduate to graduate). 


Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor's of Science is designed to give students a background in microbiology, with a wide range of specialized interest areas that show how microbes affect human and animal health, agriculture, our environment, food technology and safety, and the biotechnology industry. Microbiology prepares students for a wide range of important career opportunities, as well as the option to pursue further education in specialized subject areas.  

Our Pre-Professional program is excellent preparation for professional school including medical, veterinary, dental, optometry, and physician assistant programs. 

Graduate Programs 

The Master's and Ph.D. programs give students the opportunity to reach beyond coursework and get involved in the field of microbiology at a high level. The Master's in Microbiology emphasizes research methodology and laboratory techniques. The Ph.D. in Microbiology is an outcomes-based program focused on developing research project leaders.