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The ETC Research Group

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ETC stands for Equity, Teaching, Community - These are the core foci of the Condry research group. We pronounce it Et cetera - which also alludes to the different avenues of educational research we are getting involved in.

Dr. Danielle Condry
Dr. Danielle Condry

We undertake discipline-based education research (DBER) with a focus on higher education science classes. We seek to improve education practice through valid, evidence-based data. These improvements will lead to better outcomes and success for our students as they prepare for the unknown challenges and opportunities. We focus on six major areas:

  1. Using Concept Inventories to assess student learning and misconceptions in order to alter curricula at the program and class levels.  
  2. Implementation and impact of Community Engaged Learning in science curricula. 
  3. Equitable grading strategies in large-enrollment science courses.  
  4. Development of fundamental learning outcomes and concept inventories to help and better understand the teaching of immunology.  
  5. The influence of authentic, inquiry-based science experiences and evidence based communication strategies on the trust of scientific information and personal decision-making related to scientific knowledge.
  6. Action Research Projects as applied to current course improvement. 





National ASM talk given by Jonathan Nguyen and Danielle Jessen Condry, PhD