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Library Prep Automation

OT-2 Liquid Handling Robot

OT-2 Liquid Handling Robot

This robot is capable of automating a variety of liquid handling processes.  We routinely use it to automate NGS library clean up. In-house accessories currently include two 8-channel pipettes (P300 and P20), a single channel P20 pipette, on-board thermocycler, magnet, and heating/cooling blocks that hold a variety of tube sizes.


Photo of an Echo 525

Acoustic Liquid Handler

The Beckman Echo 525 Liquid Handler is tailored specifically for rapid acoustic transfers of biochemical and genomics reagents. Using acoustic energy, this cutting-edge instrument facilitates highly precise and accurate liquid transfers at volumes as low as 25 nanoliters. It enables assay miniaturization and accelerating protocol development up to 100 times faster than traditional liquid handlers. 


image of a Covaris M220

Focused Ultrasonicator 

Quickly and efficiently shear large genomic DNA into user-defined fragment lengths for downstream sequencing library preparation.  Can also be used for standard sonication methods such as cell lysis.






Tapestation 4150

The TapeStation Bioanalyzer allows for precisely sizing and quantifying DNA and RNA samples.






Invitrogen Qubit 4 Fluorometer

Qubit 4

The Invitrogen Qubit 4 Fluorometer accurately and quickly measures the concentration of DNA, RNA, or protein in a single sample. It can also be used to assess RNA integrity and quality. The easy-to-use touchscreen menus make it easy to select and run the assays you need, with results displayed in just a few seconds.


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