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Molecular Biology

Photo of a QIAcuity Four - digital PCR

Digital PCR

The QIACuity Four digital PCR system allows for absolute quantitation of genetic material without the reliance on standard curves. It is ideal for gene expression analysis, microbial enumeration, detection, and multiplexed assays. Multiplexed reactions with up to 5 targets/fluorophores can be run with little to no optimization required.  Users who have tried multiplexing with real-time PCR will appreciate the ease at which you can readily set up and run 5 color experiments. Minimal adjustments to existing PCR reactions are needed, requiring only specialized PCR plates and master mix. Competitive price per reaction makes it a cost-effective alternative to real-time PCR. 


a BioRad CFX-384

Real-time PCR 

The Biotech Innovation Core is home to both a BioRad CFX-96 and CFX-384, for 96- or 384-well plate real-time PCR reactions.  This real-time PCR detection system offers sensitive and reliable detection for single or multiplex reactions. You can easily set up runs and monitor amplification traces in real time on the integrated touch screen, or use the CFX software for experiment design and results analysis. 

image of a Covaris M220

Focused Ultrasonicator

Quickly and efficiently shear large genomic DNA into user-defined fragment lengths for downstream sequencing library preparation.  Can also be used for standard sonication methods such as cell lysis.

Invitrogen Qubit 4 Fluorometer

Qubit 4 

The Invitrogen Qubit 4 Fluorometer accurately and quickly measures the concentration of DNA, RNA, or protein in a single sample. It can also be used to assess RNA integrity and quality. The easy-to-use touchscreen menus make it easy to select and run the assays you need, with results displayed in just a few seconds.

an image of a QIAcube Connect

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction

The Core is equipped with a QIAcube Connect which automates Qiagen spin column based kits to extract RNA or DNA.  This unit can process 12 samples at a time.  For higher throughput experiments, we have a Kingfisher Apex, which is able to process 96 samples per run using its magnetic bead based technology.   

General Equipment

We are also equipped with general items such as a nanodrop, thermocyclers, heat blocks, thermal mixers, centrifuges, cold storage, electrophoresis equipment, a gel imager, multichannel pipettes and much more.    

We strive to make advanced biotechnology tools accessible to all researchers. For any questions or additional information, please get in touch with us at