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Undergrad Research Opportunities


Pruess Lab Undergraduate Research Position: February 2023

Description, Duties & Responsibilities: The student will aid the Pruess lab in the performance of pea growth experiments in the greenhouse. Among the responsibilities in the greenhouse will be watering plants and helping with data collection (e.g. washing roots, measuring shoot and root length). Among the responsibilities in the lab at Van Es 108 will be dishes and preparing equipment for autoclaving.

Requirements: You will need to take greenhouse training and a list of safety trainings.

Work Location: Van Es 108 and NDSU Greenhouse

Pay, Hours & Schedule: Pay will be $ 15 per hour for a maximum of 20 hours over the summer and 10 hours starting April 1 through the end of the semester.

To Apply, please provide: Resume including past practical experiences and Work Availability  

Apply by: February 28, 2023

Potato pathology student lab assistant: April 2023

Hours per week: 20
Wage: 15$/hr

The mission of the Pasche research team is to improve management of economically important diseases of potatoes. The group includes talented post-docs, research scientists, and graduate students who work to combat fungal, fungal-like, bacterial, and viral pathogens. Current research in the Pasche project includes the development and implementation of quantitative molecular diagnostic assays, with a focus on soil-borne pathogens. Her program also works heavily in fungicide resistance and integrated pest management with an extensive field component. The research group is working towards integrating molecular tools to identify disease resistance and better understand pathogen variability, facilitating the development of long-term management strategies.

We currently have an opening for a part time student worker who would be helping organize, and characterize our Phytophthora collection. Primary responsibilities would include plating, sub- culturing, evaluating growth characteristics and cataloguing Phytophthora isolates. Maintaining the phytophthora collection is important for many projects and is a staple for the Pasche research team.

An ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, attention to detail and organizational skills. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in laboratory settings and microbiological techniques. Student will be trained on the biology of the organisms and gain hands on experience in culture collection maintenance.

How to Apply:
Email cover letter and resume to Kim Zitnick-Anderson at


Geddes Lab Research Assistant: April 2023

Requirements: The position involves developing and curating a plant microbial culture collection under the supervision of a post-doctoral researcher. The microbes include beneficial members of the microbiome from pea plants and will be used for research to understand how plant microbiomes assemble and how they promote plant resilience to stress. The applicant should have experience culturing microorganisms with aseptic technique and possess significant organizational skills.

Work Location: Van Es

Pay, Hours & Schedule: 20-40 hours per week, $13 per hour

To Apply, please provide: Resume and Work Availability 

Apply by: May 11

NDSU Pilot Plant Student Lab Position: April 2023

Pay: $12/h for a start, subject to a raise per semester

Job Description:

  1. Learn how to carry out analysis on stored soybeans related to moisture content measurement, mold and fungi enumeration, nutritional quality, germination tests and oil quality.
  2. Assist in other laboratory related work around the Pilot plant (houses a wide array of research equipment and materials)
  3. Flexible work schedule around your classes
  4. A great chance for resume building in any career in grain storage management, and the agricultural and food industry.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Major in Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Plant Sciences, Soil Science, Agricultural engineering or related field.
  2. The ability to work between 10-20 hours per week during the semester
  3. Good understanding of laboratory safety practices and protocols
  4. Ability to lift materials of about 25lbs
  5. Possess a valid driver’s license
  6. Be available to work in summer (40hrs per week)