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Undergrad Research Opportunities


Banerjee Lab Undergraduate Position: October 2022

An Undergraduate Research Assistant position is available in the Banerjee Lab (more information found here: The student will have the opportunity to develop skills in molecular biology including DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, and PCR. They will be able to work for up to 20 hours (@ $15/hour) per week. They must be a full-time undergraduate student at North Dakota State University and in good academic standing. The ideal candidate would be reliable and well-organized and have excellent oral communication ability. The student must be willing to work in a multidisciplinary and diverse environment. Interested candidates are encouraged to email Dr. Samiran Banerjee.


Dorsam Lab Undergraduate Position: October 2022

An undergraduate assistant is needed for Dr. Glenn Dorsam's lab. This is a paid position to conduct laboratory research and organization and help the laboratory technician conduct research. Preferred qualification is that the candidate has more than one spring semester remaining at NDSU. Interested candidates should contact Dr. Dorsam for more information.


Geddes Lab Undergraduate Position: October 2022

Geddes lab is looking for undergraduate research assistant to assist with carrying out plant growth experiments with symbiotic microbes called rhizobia. The student must have skills in aseptic technique, and will be in charge of setting up, maintaining and harvesting plant experiments inoculated with different strains of rhizobia. The job is posted at