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Early Entry


Want to get a jump start on college while you are still in high school? NDSU Early Entry Classes are for you! 

The Early-Entry Program allows high-school students to take courses at NDSU while you complete your high-school diploma. Students in early entry earn college credit for the classes they take. You do not need to have a high-school diploma to apply for this program. Some students choose to take early-entry courses to continue their learning in a subject area that is of interest to them, some take these courses to continue their education and maintain good study habits during the summer or during their last semester of school, and some take these classes alongside their high-school classes to get a head start on their degree program. Whatever your reason for taking these courses, we applaud your ambition and want to see you succeed. This program thrives on seeing students continually finding the joy in learning. 

Offering these courses in an online format opens up the benefits of early entry to students from anywhere. Online classes remove scheduling and travel barriers. We also have a new NDSU Early-Entry Scholarship to help with financial barriers. Students from any state are welcome to apply to take these courses whether or not they plan to attend NDSU for their full degree.


How to Apply

Courses we recommend taking to get a head start on a Biotechnology Undergraduate Degree:
Courses we recommend taking to get a head start on a Microbiology Undergraduate Degree: 

Any General Education Qualified Courses in Wellness, Humanities, and Social Sciences

ENGL 120 College Composition II 

COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

CHEM 121 General Chemistry I

CHEM 122 General Chemistry II

MATH 165 Calculus I


PHIL 111 Prof. Responsibility and Ethics or PHIL 215 Contemporary Moral Issues

BIOL 150 General Biology I

BIOL 151 General Biology II

STAT 330 Intro Statistics

CSCI 114 Computer Applications