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Ramamoorthy Lab


Our research aims at the rational design of vaccines and has three major areas of focus: emergency vaccines and delivery systems, epitope-based immunization/ diagnostics and the role of extraneous agents in vaccine mediated immunity.

Image of Dr. Sheela Ramamoorthy
Dr. Sheela Ramamoorthy

We use the porcine respiratory disease complex [PRDC], involving four major viruses and two bacterial pathogens, as a model system. The advantage of the PRDC model is that it is useful for studying both global and viral agent-specific questions in vaccinology. For example, how do vaccines influence viral evolution or how is vaccine performance in the host influenced by the individual microbiome are global vaccinology questions, while, which type of immune response is critical for protection against coronaviruses can be an agent-specific question, whose answer is critical for rational vaccine development against coronaviruses.