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Flow Cytometry



CytoFLEX s

The Beckman Cytoflex S is equipped with 4 excitation lasers, up to 10 fluorophore detectors, a high throughput plate loader and small particle detection capability. Utilizing the Violet laser, particles as small as 100 µm can be detected (virus, nanoparticles, exosomes) making this a very versatile machine. Single cell suspensions are interrogated for up to 10 fluorophores as well as size and complexity at the rate of a few thousand cells/second allowing for the analysis of large populations of cells.





Florescence table


Accuri C6

Photo of a Accuri C6

The BD Accuri is a 2 laser (Blue 488nm and Red 640nm) system that has 4 set detectors (3 off the blue and 1 off the red).  







Cytoflex SRT Cell Sorter

Photo of Cytoflex SRT Cell Sorter

Our Beckman Cytoflex SRT Cell Sorter is equipped with 2 excitation lasers (Blue 488nm and Red 638nm) and 5 detectors (2 off the blue and 3 off the Red).  Up to 4 populations can be simultaneously sorted into a mixture of 5ml and 15ml tubes or microplates.    





Flow guidelines

  1. Schedule an appointment through  You will not be able to book this through the bookitlab software.
  2. All samples MUST be at a concentration of 2 million cells/ml.
  3. Cells MUST be in PBS or similar buffer.
  4. Samples MUST be passed through a sieve of 50 µm or less immediately prior to running.

Deviations from this guide are allowed (for example, sorting may be done with higher concentrations, other sample buffers, etc), but they must be approved by Core personnel before use.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in loss of user privileges for flow cytometry.  Sample preparation technical support is always available.  Please contact us for assistance in meeting the above requirements.


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